5 Hilarious Moments from ‘Supernatural’s “Peace of Mind”

Supernatural‘s “Peace of Mind” sees Sam & Castiel stumbling upon a Pleasantville situation & Sam into a ponytail, glasses, and cardigan! And yes, things aren’t perfect and Sam’s got deeper issues that made him fall easily into Pleasantiville life. But I want to smile, laugh, and find some of the funny goodness that Supernatural is known for. I’ve found it in these five hilarious moments!

1. Sass master Sam Winchester in glasses & cardigan.

Sam in these glasses and cardigan is just as bad/glorious as the alternate universe version of himself who gave Ted Talks in a turtleneck. Combine that with the wagging finger of “how dare you?” and we’ve got a Sam Winchester we’ve never seen before. Also, that hair tie. No. Don’t let society hold you back from letting that beautiful chestnut waterfall of hair flowing in the wind! BE FREE, MOOSE!


2. This Scooby Doo feeling moment w/ sexy glasses Sam.

Remember in the beginning when Cas was like a wall. Jokes bounced off of him, he didn’t understand half of the things that Sam & Dean were doing in this tech savvy world, and he didn’t have a funny bone in his angelic body. Things have changed. Cas has timing, sass, and the ability to make you laugh, sometimes without meaning to. This moment in particular was hilarious because of the way it was shot and the sequential take on their reactions. Give us more of this goodness and give it to us now!


3. Castiel wondering if the Pleasantville weirdos are Mormon.

Our fav angel has met a lot of people in his time on Earth. This one right here makes me wonder about the time he’s spent around Mormons. Were they as ignorant as these two about technology? Did they wear such fancy hats and coats? And why was his reaction to automatically ask if they were Mormom? Here’s hoping there’s a fic brewing out there that deals just with this. Throw a little Destiel in the mix and you’ll def be a hit in no time!


4. Dean, Sam, and the cardigan of woah.

The level of judgement and intrigue on Dean’s face is EPIC. He wanted to see this go down and if it means that Sam can turn the tables on Dean for his cardigans, LET’S DO THIS! Plus we already know that Jensen Ackles looks hella fine in glasses. Jinkies! Especially love this scene for the look that Cas gives Sam in the last panel. What did he expect? He wasn’t going to hide this small detail from his bunker husband. Yes, I said bunker husband.


5. God and his glorious beard.

Cas went from 0 to 100 when this old fart tried to act like God. Nope. Not buying it. God has a glorious beard attached to his oddly annoying face. You don’t have a beard! In fact, YOU BARELY HAVE HAIR! P.S. Do you think God’s ears are burning because one of his angels said his name? Nah. Me neither. God has ignored them before and he’s definitely doing it again. Until he comes back we’ll just enjoy Cas and his indignation.


Trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled “Don’t Go In the Woods”:

Supernatural airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.


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