‘Supernatural’ 14×16 Review: “Don’t Go In the Woods”

Supernatural‘s “Don’t Go In the Woods” gave us the quality Jack Kline we’re always her for and Sam & Dean fighting a big ugly Groot looking thing while keeping secrets from Jack. Fun times, right? *insert wince face here*

With the announcement that Supernatural is ending after its 15th season, a lot of my review is painted with the pain of it. Yes, I know what I said and know that it’s been over a decade that we’ve been with Supernatural goodies. But I’m not ready to let go. Never will be.

There Ain’t No Way Jack is Heading Down a Path of Evil


If there’s anything that I learned from Lena Luthor on Supergirl it’s that in spite of your past, where you come from, or the people who share your blood, YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON! You make your destiny and like Lena Luthor, I think The CW is trying to set them down a path of evil. And we’re not here for any of that shit.

Jack Kline has become part of OUR family. And with the announcement of season 15 being Supernatural’s last one, I need him to survive. He was done dirty from day one and everyone, including myself, thought we knew who he was. We were all wrong. Jack is a ray of sunshine and light who brightens all of our days, including Sam, Dean, and Cas.

I think that’s why these newbies getting to know Jack really annoyed me. They couldn’t see or understand who Jack was. They, like all of Jack’s previous haters, thought they had him figured out and were ready to milk him for all and any information he had. When he didn’t turn out to be how they expected, they bolted. And it’s a huge loss for them because our 2 year old is absolutely fantastic and already has a family who loves and understands him.

So, bye random newbies!

Lying to Jack, Really Isn’t the Best Decision


While we’re on our precious nougat known as Jack, let’s talk about hiding and keeping secrets from him. Plainly put, it’s not right. I understand Dean’s reasons and his fears. He wants to protect Jack from carrying the pain of killing someone like the rest of the Winchesters have experienced before and like Jack did when he accidentally killed that one guard. But it’s still not right.

Jack is family; hard won and hard fought family. Not telling him this, is cruel and will cause more trouble down the line than if they told him now. Which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that surprising in the first place. Sam, Dean, and Cas have sparred each other pain all the time by hiding their secrets. Castiel is hiding one right now and it’s wrong as well.

But, does it really hurt to tell the truth to those you love? That’s what I wonder every single time when our favs hide ESSENTIAL and BIG things from each other. And every single time I’m grounded and made to lose some of that anger because these deceptions are grounded in love. Beautiful beautiful love that makes me cross my arms and grumpily say, “FINE!” Just know this, Winchester fam. All of this is going to come back and bite you in the ass. That’s how things like this go on Supernatural.

Telling People About Monsters Isn’t Going to Help Thing


Oh, Sheriff. You sweet summer child. You really think the Winchesters should jump on the Youtube train and tell the world about monsters? Cuz that, is a disaster in the making. Humans by nature are fearful of change. And while a great deal of us would try to accept that humans aren’t the only ones living their lives on Earth, there are many that would simply eradicate them.

Haven’t you watched any movies Mr. Sheriff? If these monsters come to light, they won’t JUST be killed, they’ll be experimented on. A great deal of these monsters are baddies and things that go bump in the middle of the night. But a lot of these “monsters” are just regular people trying to live their life in peace. Letting the secret out would mean an end to that.

Letting humans know would offer the ones who died by monsters hands, an opportunity to survive. But there are so many weird creatures and things out there that there is no way you’ll get to know all of them and train to defeat them if you could. That’s why it’s best to not letting this secret out into the world.

Being that season 15 is their last one, I can’t help but wondering if that’s the next step for the Winchesters. Because if humans know, there will definitely be a few good people in the bunch to help the Winchesters. Here’s hoping!

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “Game Night”:

Supernatural returns April 4th at 8/7c on The CW>

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