‘Supernatural’ to End After 15 Seasons and We’re Not Ok!

Supernatural is set to end after 15 seasons and we’re not ok! Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins posted a video across their social media accounts where they were clearly holding back tears during the announcement. And as they continued talking, their faces getting redder by the minute cuz of feels, we were hit with those same feels.

I know that Supernatural has been on for a long time and we’re grateful to have come this far. I’ve grown up with Supernatural and I KNOW that the #SPNFamily has been part of this journey as well. But that right there is why it hurts so much. Fifteen years is a long time to fall in with a story, a set of characters, and the actual men & women of Supernatural who work day in and day out to bring us one of the best shows on TV.

Supernatural is our home, our refuge, our love. And we’ll never be ready to say goodbye or close off this chapter of our lives. Instead, Supernatural will live in all of us. Dean’s bravery and love for pie will be a part of us. Sam’s kindness and beautiful flowing hair will be a part of us. Castiel and all the learning and love he’s gone through since meeting the Winchesters will be a part of us. And even Jack Kline, the nephilim who is absolutely a Winchester, will be a part of us. Every last nougat bit of him!

What comes next is up to you. I will mourn, I will cry, and then I will keep enjoying the show that’s been on our screens for over a decade. That’s something worth celebrating and I hope you join me and the rest of the #SPNFamily in enjoying our time with the Winchesters before the Impala drives off into the sunset one last time.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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