‘Supernatural’ 14×19 Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of “Jack in the Box”

Supernatural’s “Jack in the Box” felt like a cluster fuck of disappointment that we don’t need considering this is the penultimate episode. After spending ages grounding Jack and making sure that we know how good of a person and nephilim he is…Jack starts listening to others and going down a path of darkness? Yes, I know his soul has been eaten up to protect the Winchesters and for Jack to survive. But it still doesn’t hit the mark and leaves me wanting for something different.

The Good – Ehhh, Not Sure About That One


Honestly I’m having a hard time pinpointing what was good about this episode. Maybe honoring Mary for the 2.5 seconds before Bobby went wild and basically went after Jack. He obviously “knew” that Jack was evil from the start so this is fate for him right now. Oh, or the special effects of this episode. Those always surprise and delight me, no matter how crazy the situation they find themselves in.

That’s it. And that’s bad.

This is the penultimate episode and all I can think about is what I didn’t like. Not a good sign at all, considering this is the FINAL hiatus. Ever. For Supernatural. Let that sink in and hope with me that the finale will be better than the last couple episodes that came before it.

The Bad – The Demonization of Jack


Yes, I know that Jack has done some crazy shit. For many his actions would be unforgivable but this is a show for goodness sake and forgiveness comes in mysterious ways to all of the people on Supernatural. And Jack was raised by 3 of the best men in the entire world, one of them being an angel. So why am I the only one having real honest to God faith in Jack and this future?

Dean, Sam, and Cas raised this young man. And I can’t help but feel robbed because Jack was raised by three men they have seen the world over and over again, I’m gone through so many trials and tribulations. Hell, at one point Sam didn’t even have a soul and he was brought back from the brink. And I know Sam gets that. I’m just wondering if the writers remember that.

Even though Jack is Lucifer’s son, I’ve been over and dismissed that evil part of him that kept him from truly getting to know Team Free Will. Hell, Supernatural made sure to try to prove it to us over and over that he was a good man. And we bought it; hook, line, and sinker. Taking steps back into old territory that we’ve already proved to be false because of experience, means that we’re ignoring all the good that Jack has done for a narrative that he will forever be evil because of his genetics.

And I call bullshit. He is more than what he’s biologically made up of. We all are. And hopefully that means Dean, Sam, and Cass will give him the benefit of the doubt and bring him back into the fold again, for his future and for the Winchesters (which includes Cas of course.)

The Ugly – Duma, Her BS, and More Fridging


Every time Erica Cerra appears on my favorite show, I know shit’s about to go down. She has this certain poise, this ability and quiet confidence, that I’ve only seen inside of librarians. Every character Cerra plays knows what they want, somehow manages to look down on you even if you’re taller, and sadly enough dies way too soon. From Deadly Class to The 100 and Supernatural, she’s a pleasure to watch and a delight to hate.

But I’m kind of tired of watching her being killed off and brushed to the side. Cerra is a brilliant actress and instead of seeing less of her I’d like to see more. Her death via Castiel is another goodbye to Cerra, who quite easily could become the big bad of this season of Supernatural that is heaven bent to save her kind at any costs. We saw the beginnings of it when she was talking and influencing our nougat son. And I wanted more!

Duma’s death also speaks to Supernatural’s continued fridging of female characters. Love or hate Duma, she got the short end of the stick in comparison to her other counterparts on this show. Also, after the fridging of Mary Winchester, I thought we wouldn’t see this happening again. But here we are, another woman down, because she had crazy amounts of ambition and wouldn’t back down. And this isn’t me making excuses for Duma. Girl was trying to influence Jack to do her bidding.

But I’m sick of seeing ladies bite the dust, especially when a huge part of the fandom is made up of women. When is it our turn to shine, survive, and not die at the hand of the Winchesters or because of them? Now, tell me again The CW how people don’t want Wayward Sisters? Please do. Because all of this can be fixed by giving that show a chance to shine bright!

Check out the trailer for next week’s Supernatural season finale titled “Moriah”:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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