‘Game of Thrones’ 8×01 Roundtable: “Winterfell”

Winter is here at last. At least, the metaphorical winter, aka the last season of Game of Thrones, and, of course, with it being the final season, we couldn’t stop at a weekly review, because there’s just so much to say and feel and dissect!

So say hello to our weekly Game of Thrones Fangirlish round-table, where we go in depth into all the characters, their motivations, and of course, what we think is coming next. Joining me this week are Raquel, McKenzie, Gillian, Michelle and Ashley, as we discuss “Winterfell,” the beginning of the end.

Here we go!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate “Winterfell”? Did the episode live up to your expectations? Was there something you expected to happen that didn’t?

Lizzie: I’ll give it an 8. It was good, solid, it moved the plot, it had a few tug your heart moments in the two Stark reunions, the long awaited revelation of Jon’s real parentage, the Gendry/Arya which I absolutely didn’t expect to be as good as it was, and Jaime arriving in Winterfell. I’m not giving it more because I know I’ll want to save my 10 for later, and also because it felt a lot like setup, and though it was good setup, I don’t think it’ll even come close to whatever it is setting up in wow factor.

McKenzie: I would give it an 8.5. First of all, I’m so happy that Game of Thrones is finally back I can’t explain my level of hype..  I don’t think there could have been really anything that would disappoint me very much. However, I do wish we would have had more action scenes. That would have been hard to do with already so much jam packed into the episode though, there were too many storylines that needed to be tied up or converged.

Overall, I think this was a perfect way to set up the season.  I was surprised by Bran waiting for Jaime in the courtyard, the memes from that part of the episode have been my favorite so far.  I wonder if this is a pattern that we can come to expect of Bran? Blurting things out or just endlessly staring creepily at people.

Michelle:  “Winterfell” is a steady 8, for me. All of the hype leading up to this episode, with the looming dread of a short season, had my expectations set pretty high. It didn’t disappoint, but it also didn’t amaze me.

Overall, I felt that it was a good start to the season. It gave the audience what we wanted, a reunion. And for all intent and purpose, it was. Seeing the first episode of season 8 mimic the first episode of the series gave me goosebumps. Witnessing the Stark family reunite and talk about how they are family? Foreshadowing or possible foreboding, definitely.

Gillian: I’m going to preface this by saying that my love for Game of Thrones has definitely waned the past few seasons. I’ll give the premiere a 6.5. I found it a bit boring, mostly setup for everything else. I loved all of Arya’s reunions but still felt like there could have been more.

Ashley: I was so hyped for the return of Game of Thrones, I was just happy to have more new story. The first episode of last season felt like a prologue. This episode feels the same way. The only things of real import to the story are the reunions, but particularly Jon finding out his parentage and Bran and Jaime finally seeing each other again. I expected for things to progress a little faster since we’ve only got 6 episodes for the whole season, so I am shocked that there was no more story progression than what we got. I am going to give the episode overall 7/10.

Raquel: It was a great 9 for me. The episode had no action, but I don’t think the episode needed it. The whole episode was a call to season 1, from that first scene with that little one running to get somewhere and be able to see what was happening, like Arya and even Bran did, as in the first episode; to a king (on this occasion, queen) who arrives at Winterfell, going through the reunions and its own parallels with other scenes between those same characters.

The episode has not needed action to make each scene count, to have its meaning reflected in others and to show us what conflict will develop this season.  The episode was full of a great emotional load, with scenes expected for years.

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We got two Stark reunions, Bran and Jon, and of course, Bran and Arya. How did you feel about seeing all the living Stark children together again? What did you think about the episode’s focus on family – and what does that mean for the future?

Lizzie: It felt both weirdly anticlimactic and also incredibly emotional. I’m not sure how I can feel both, but whatever. I mean, it clearly wasn’t as emotional as Sansa and Jon, because back then we just weren’t used to having anything good, but seeing Jon and Arya hug again in a way so reminiscent to their last season 1 hug still got me hella emotional. And the way Jon kissed Bran’s forehead! GAH. Now I need a scene of the four siblings together, PLEASE.

As for the focus on family, I feel like that’s going to be the crux of this season, who is Jon Snow now? Is he a Stark or is he a Targaryen? And I feel we’re going to come back to Jon’s words to Theon from last season: why does he have to choose? He can be both. He doesn’t have to give up the Starks now just because he found out who his real father is. He’ll always be a Stark.

McKenzie: ALL. THE. FEELS. I have rewatched both reunions at least five times by now and I never fail to tear up a little, especially between Jon and Arya.  I have a suspicion that Jon is going to have a hard time accepting who he is and not their “brother” by blood. Arya will be there to remind him of that though. She won’t accept anything less.  Family isn’t all about blood, it’s about the family you choose as well. I can’t imagine a scenario where the Stark children don’t choose Jon, he will always be their brother. When Arya defends Sansa to Jon, you can see how much she has grown and how shocked Jon is.  As she said she is defending family. She will do that until the day she dies, which better not be anytime soon. I was also glad to see a little humor from Bran and know he can step away from being the Three Eyed Raven a little.

Michelle: I had so much emotion, and ALL THE TEARS. (I know, I’m a sap.)

Okay, first Jon and Bran. The episode really kicked off when Jon hugged Bran, and then Sansa. Seeing Jon and Bran together again after all that time, and after everything that has happened between the two of them was impactful in such a subtle way. But what really did it for me? When Jon and Arya saw each other again. This was such an impactful reunion, discussing their weapons and not discussing their war stories. I can only imagine what will come to future episodes.

Gillian: I was so happy with Arya and Jon’s reunion. It was perfect. I’m still mad that HBO put some of this footage in ads because I wanted to see this when the episode premiered! The Starks have been through so much and their happy moments always feel fleeting. It’s always been a very family focused show so it doesn’t surprise me that they gave so much time to these reunions. But it also feels like they gave us this lightness to fully destroy us in the coming weeks.

Ashley: I think of all the Stark reunions, Arya and Jon’s meant the most to me. When I first read the books, I was especially fond of Jon and Arya’s relationship. Partly because Arya reminds me a bit of me growing up, (tomboyish, rough and tumble), but also because I always wanted to have a big brother like Jon. It was heartwarming to see their reunion. The family dynamics in play are interesting. Unfortunately, none of the Starks are 100% great of communicating. I fully expect them to butt heads before the season’s up.

Raquel: Goodness! It was so beautiful and perfect! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Starks together since season 1! ALL. THE. FEELS.

A great decision that the episode was centered on the family, the position that each one has in it and the tensions that this provokes. It will be one of the great conflicts of this season and I believe that the destiny of each one will be clarified as the plots advance. In my opinion, Jon will be king next to Dany; Sansa will be the Lady of Winterfell; Arya will be her guardian and Bran … he will become something else.

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Jon finally knows the truth: he isn’t actually Jon Snow, but Aegon Targeryen. How does he move forward with this knowledge? Will he tell Daenerys? What does this change?

Lizzie: In truth, I think he doesn’t tell Daenerys, at least not right away, because he doesn’t want the throne. He probably won’t do it unless he has to, and I don’t see that he will before the big fight that’s coming. I do think this is going to cause some doubts in him, doubts about who he truly is, and if he can still call Winterfell home, and Bran, Arya and Sansa his siblings. But it changes nothing, in the end. He’s still a Stark, he’s just also a Targaryen. Like I said before, and like I said in my review, and hell, like HE said last season, he can be both.

McKenzie: This is going to be so hard for him. He just found out he is related to the woman he is in love with. Not only that, but her crown is really his birthright.  I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t tell her. That’s not really in his character. He swore an oath to her and he is to honest to keep it a secret forever.  I think that he will take a step back from her, I don’t see it ending well for either of them. Also, odds are one of them will be dead by episode three so we might not get to the point where this will become a major problem between the two of them.

Michelle: I think that Jon is a very loyal person. But what will be the challenge is to see who or what he is the most loyal to? I think he will tell Daenerys because of how romantic and close they are. But, I also feel that he will tell her because of the impact that information could have to protecting the North.

Gillian: I wasn’t expecting the reveal to happen in the premiere! That was a nice surprise. I never really got Dany and Jon’s relationship so I don’t know aside from realizing that he slept with his aunt. Which is what I’d been screaming about the whole time, ha. If anything, this conflict might be more based in that he was shunned his whole life by Ned telling him he’s a bastard. I think he will tell Dany but I’m not sure when and it might tip her over the edge.

Ashley: When I rewatched season 7 and then watched this episode, I was really taken aback by how much of Dany’s claim rests solely up on her right, but not whether or not she’s earned the trust and respect of the people she wishes to rule. Jon became King in the North because his people chose him. Now the roles are reversed. Jon’s got the better claim to the iron throne and has the faith of the people. She now has neither. I think Sam’s words to Jon are especially poignant. “You were willing to lay aside your crown to protect your people. Will she do the same?” That’s going to be the tough question. I don’t know that Jon will trust Dany to do it. Because of this, I don’t think he’ll tell her until after The War for the Dawn. There’s also the new information that he’s been sleeping with his aunt. I’m sure that will disturb him on an entirely different level.

Raquel: I think Jon is going to need a moment to absorb the whole truth, I even think he’ll want to talk to someone. Maybe Sansa. For Jon everything has changed, everything he had believed his entire life, who he had thought he was and what he was destined to be has changed.

At first, when he meets Dany he will feel uncomfortable, distant … that truth will come between them like a wall. Because it doesn’t just mean that Jon’s life changes, but that Dany is his aunt and, although the Targaryens were famous for marrying each other, it’s not a habit with which Jon has grown, and that will give him something else to think about.

As if that were not enough, the doubt that Sam managed to get into his head will not leave him, would Dany be able to do what Jon did and give up her crown … for him?  Despite all this, Jon will end up telling Dany everything, I don’t think it will take long, and it will be when he gets answers. I really believe that the destiny of both is to reign together, but will they reach that conclusion or will the crown stand between them?

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Sansa wasn’t really feeling Daenerys as a Queen, and neither was the North. Do you think they’re justified? Will they come to accept her or does this story end badly?

Lizzie: I mean, yes and no. They don’t know her, so of course they don’t trust her, and that’s understandable. But they do know and trust Jon, so they should take his word if he says Daenerys is trustworthy. And ultimately, it isn’t even important, not with the Night King coming. PRIORITIES, people.

McKenzie: Honestly, I think everyone is just to damn stubborn and needs to get over themselves. Why are you fighting? There are so many more important things, like being actually alive, besides holding grudges, judging, and who will sit on the Iron Throne. Worry about that after if any of you stubborn asses live.  

Michelle: I think the show has proven that history is one of the most important factors of this game, and that change is not something easy to come by. There is pride within loyalty, and that is one of the biggest blocks of change and acceptance. I think that Daenerys make a grand gesture of loyalty for that change to happen.

Gillian: I’ve soured a bit on Dany lately and my love for Sansa has grown. I think that Sansa really has the best grasp on what the kingdoms need and she’s distrustful of someone from the outside. And to be fair, Dany is not really doing a great job of selling herself to these people. What worked for the Unsullied will not work here. The people in the North are already free and just want to be heard. She will need to make some changes to her whole persona so far if she’s going to win them over.

Ashley: I think this has less to do with Sansa being displeased with Dany so much so as it does that Jon bent the knee without even discussing the matter with her. I love Jon and his noble heart, but the boy is a terrible communicator. He is single-minded and is doing what he thinks is right to fight the white walkers, but he is also being unwise in making these decisions without consulting Sansa. Sansa is proving herself to be a good leader, considering the logistical details of what is necessary for their people to survive, not just getting big guns (dragons), but also how to feed, arm, and prepare everyone for survival. I fully expect to be some sort of blow up between them, and based on the trailer, it could come as quick as next episode.

Raquel: I believe that this mistrust of Sansa and the rest of the North is justified.  They don’t know Dany, they don’t know who she is or what she is like. Sansa has learned the game of thrones from one of the best, AKA Cersei, so she has learned to mistrust strangers and to question everything. She has learned to consider all possibilities. She knows Jon, knows that he is honorable and that he will reign with justice, but who is Dany, what intentions does she have and why has Jon surrendered so easily to her? Sansa doesn’t know. She is the Lady of Winterfell and has the duty to protect not only her family, but the entire North, just as her father did, and must find out if Dany is a danger to the North.

In addition, she knows that there is more than the danger of the White Walkers for Jon to kneel his knee to her. She has realized what he feels for Dany, and wants to find out if he really was thinking about protecting Westeros when he surrendered to her or just did so as a reflection of the surrender of his heart.

Apart from this, the North is made up of proud people who like to be heard and taken into account, as well as Sansa. They chose a King, and now their king has returned as a subject, with a queen that they don’t know about his arm. And all this has happened without anyone knowing, without the Lady of Winterfell having any idea, it’s clear that this fact has hurt the pride of everyone, especially Sansa.

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Sparks flew between Gendry and Arya as they reunited after all these years. Were you digging that vibe? Do you think it’s possible these two might have a future?

Lizzie: I’M TOTALLY HERE FOR THIS. I’ve been here for this for ages, in fact, I figured we were going this way when they had the first Milady conversation back in season 2, all we needed was for them to grow up a bit. And here we are, and I feel vindicated. As for the future, they’ll both be in the thick of battle, but I have more faith in these two making it than a lot of my favorites. It’d be a nice callback to season one and Ned and Robert wanting to join their houses, wouldn’t it?

McKenzie: I have been digging this vibe since we were first introduced to Gendry.  Obviously, it wouldn’t have happened when Arya was still that young but I knew they would get to this point eventually, if they lived. I think they definitely have a future and their flirting was so adorable. Who would have thought that Robert could possibly be right about something?

Michelle: I ship Gendrya! I 100% support the possibility of happiness for Arya, and for a brighter future for Gendry. It was the first time, in a long time, that I saw Arya with a positive emotion and I will always want more of that.

Gillian: Oh yes! Once Gendry reappeared, I have been waiting for his path to cross Arya’s again. I would love for them to have a future together but I’m pretty sure like everyone is going to die so I’m not putting much faith in it. But I want a kiss! We can totally get a kiss before they both die, right? Their reunion was so sweet because if Gendry’s parentage was better known, he and Arya likely would have been together anyway due to Robert and Ned’s friendship.

Ashley: It’s not my ship, but I did enjoy watching their verbal spar and all of Gendry’s, “Milady,” teasing her. I think they’re a good match for each other. I also enjoyed watching Arya’s face as she saw him riding into Winterfell. That was very interesting juxtaposing that scene with the same scene in 1×01. It’s a more mature Arya looking at Robert Baratheon’s true son, a would-be prince, but for his birth.

Raquel: Of course, I felt that feeling that burns between them. It’s funny, neither has said what they feel in conventional words; but for both it is as clear as water. “Milady”…has not someone melted with that? I really think they can have a happy ending, is what both deserve and, while the true origin of Gendry can be a danger to the eyes of the queen, I don’t think Gendry wants the throne or if he cares who reigns, as long as they do it fairly. I think Jon will prevent something from happening to Gendry if Dany finds out the truth. So I trust in a good ending for this ship!

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Jaime got to Winterfell, to find Bran waiting for him like an old friend, which, in a way, brings Jaime’s storyline full circle. Will he now get a chance to truly redeem himself? And – will the story of what truly happened with the Mad King come to light?

Lizzie: Tyrion already told Daenerys something of this, but I do believe the full story needs to come out, and BRIENNE IS RIGHT THERE TO TELL IT, IF JAIME WON’T. Don’t cop out and make Bran be the one to speak for him, Game of Thrones, or I’ll throw something. Because this is a big part of Jaime’s redemption, which has been way more straightforward in the books than in the show, and we deserve to see it done right.

McKenzie: I think Jaime has been on the road to redeeming himself since Brienne and Catelyn set him free. Sure, he has still been strictly with his house until now but when he can he aids others, like Brienne.  He doesn’t have to do those things but he swore on oath and I think he is trying to live up to his promises again. He left Cersei behind and went North when he knew he could easily be killed, but he made a promise. I believe it will come to light in episode two when Dany is questioning him in front of everyone.  How can it not? Tyrion or Brienne will say it if he doesn’t.

Michelle: Jaime’s character arc is the most surprising, but the most satisfying. It definitely has come full circle, especially with the significance of the episode ending. It mimicked their first real meeting in the very first episode as well. And I have hope that episode 2 will reveal Bran’s reason for waiting for Jaime. And the teaser for the next episode definitely shows us a glimpse of how that all could come to light.

Gillian: That was such an epic way to end the episode! I’m very much looking forward to how Jaime’s story ends. I think he’s done some honorable things since the first season but the only way he’ll really redeem himself in my opinion is to kill Cersei. I really hope we learn more about what caused Jaime to kill Aerys and for him to see Dany. With the focus on her potential madness, I think he’d be the best person to grasp that based on his experience with her family.

Ashley: This is by far my favorite part of the episode and I was so frustrated that that was where they chose to roll the credits. I find Bran’s choice of words, “An old friend,” quite interesting. I know there are a lot of folks that want some kind of retribution from Jaime, but look at the course of Jaime’s life after that act. He lost his hand, which in many ways, was his identity, his skill with a sword his defining characteristic. He became humble, and we find out that he has had to face impossible decisions in his life, so while some of his decisions look terrible from the outside, they were actually the best possible choice in the no win scenario. Also consider that Jaime’s lost all his children and finally figured out that his sister/lover is a narcissistic psychopath. The only thing she loves in Jaime is her own reflection, which it as far as I’m concerned is the most narcissistic thing a person can do. The man has seen the error of his ways and repented. I’m expecting his conversation with Bran to be an interesting one. There’s a line in the season 8 trailer that Bran says, “Everything you did brought you to where you are now, where you belong.” As soon as I heard it, I thought that was either directed to Jon or Jaime. Right now, I’m leaning Jaime. I believe while Jaime knows what he did was wrong, Bran will tell him that without it, he wouldn’t be the Three-Eyed Raven, which is needed now more than ever.

Raquel: I think Jamie can redeem himself. In fact, I think he has already done it. He has done many bad things, most of them for Cersei, and for that sick thing that they both feel for each other, but he has paid back his bad deeds and, little by little, his true heart and honesty has come to light with the Starks, Brienne and having promised that he would fight for the living, turning his back on Cersei. When he kills her (which I’m sure he will), his story will come full circle.

Jamie’s story is amazing. In some sense, as if he were snow, at first he seemed cold and cruel but, when you hold it in your hands for a moment, it gets hot and melts. I think that happened with Jamie.

In fact, Bran was waiting for him as “an old friend,” yes, it was horrible what he did to him and a part of Bran sure holds a grudge … but what Jamie did helped Bran to become the three-eyed raven. It helped him find his true destiny. Just like Jamie has found his.

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Cersei’s plans have left her completely isolated from everyone, except Euron Greyjoy? What do you think the future holds in store for her?

Lizzie: Death, that’s what I think. When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die, after all. There is no middle ground. Sadly, I do not think the death is coming till the end of the season.

McKenzie: No matter what Cersei is going to die.  There is no way for her to come out of this season still alive, I just don’t see it.  I will have fun watching all of her destructiveness though. I love to hate her but she is also wonderful in a crazy way and so entertaining.  

Michelle: I disliked this whole part of the episode. Aside from her quote, “You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her,” I felt that Cersei wasn’t shown in her own regal and badass way. I was hoping that from episode 1, we see an epic and grand demise to mimic the Mad King. Cersei in S08 E01 was a bit subtle, at least to me.

Gillian: Lena Headey is a goddess but man, I hate Cersei. She’s definitely going to die and hopefully by Jaime’s, or even Tyrion’s hand. Can I also just say how much I loathe Euron Greyjoy so tying the two of these characters behavior makes me angry.

Ashley: The future has never looked great for Cersei as far as I’m concerned. She and Euron deserve each other. I’m curious to see how their relationship will change. They both want to manipulate each other. They both want to rule and neither wants to share.

Raquel: Yes, I think that Cersei’s plans have left her alone, except, for the moment, Euron and the rest of the cruel allies who have been her accomplices. Even Jamie is gone. He has endured many things but I think Cersei’s Machiavellian plans regarding the dead, that need to prevail over others and win the game no matter the cost have been too much for him.

I believe that is the key to her destiny. I believe that the prophecy will be fulfilled and she will die at the hands of her brother … but of Jamie. She always thought it would be Tyrion who would kill her … but it will be Jamie and that will be what, along with losing to the game of thrones, really destroys her.

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What was your favorite moment of the episode? Who was your top performer?

Lizzie: My favorite moment was the Jon/Arya reunion, though the Gendry/Arya scene was a close second. The whole episode was good, but these were the moments that hit me in the feels, and that’s what this show has always done so well, hit me in the feels. As for top performer, John Bradley wins, hands down. That scene where he managed to not cry in front of Daenerys? MASTERFUL.

McKenzie: Top favorite moment would have to be all the salty interactions between Sansa and Dany. It’s entertaining to watch and see who will get the last word in.  Sam was definitely my top performer. John Bradley acted the hell out of that scene between him, Dany, and Jorah. Then on top of that to go and convey to Jon who he really is. That takes a lot of talent and he posses it.  

Michelle: My favorite moment was between Jon Snow and Arya. It was heartfelt to see them both together. I had a moment of reliving all the past seasons in this scene, and it felt like they had something similar pass between them.

I agree with McKenzie, and thought that John Bradley was the VIP of this episode. Not only for Sam’s composure alongside Dany and Jorah, but for the monumental moment of revealing Jon’s true parentage.

Gillian: Favorite moment was Arya and Jon’s reunion. They fell into the past and when he realized she still had Needle! Oh, my heart! I’m glad they got to see each other again and that they could be honest. And the MVP was clearly Sam. His emotion when Dany told him about his family was incredible and then, the reveal to Jon. He aced it, 100%.

Ashley: I mentioned above that my favorite moment was Jaime and Bran’s awkward stare across Winterfell’s courtyard. However, I think the real MVP of the episode was John Bradley. The scene where Daenerys tells him what happened to his father and brother was by far the best scene he’s ever done. His ability to maintain composure, but also show the conflicting emotions and conjure up real tears at the deaths of his father and brother was phenomenal. Then he goes and puts the icing on the cake with his delivery to Jon about his parentage. I’ve been rooting for Sam the Slayer to return for many seasons, and I think the bravery Sam doesn’t think he has is starting to emerge. I hope we get many more moments of bold Sam before the series ends.

Raquel: Very difficult to answer this question … I debate between three moments: Jon/Arya reunion, the moment in which Jon and Dany ride the dragons together (with the subsequent kiss) and “the great revelation”.

Each of these three moments are special and I think they capture the essence of the episode, and all the conflicts that started here and will develop throughout the season:

Jon and Arya did not share a scene since season 1. Seeing them together was a long-awaited moment and has not disappointed. Both have always had a special connection because they felt similarly out of place. Jon felt, like a bastard, not part of the family at all. Knowing that he belonged to it, but not feeling legitimized for it, as if he were an intruder in the true Stark family nucleus. Arya, on the other hand, always felt that she didn’t fit into what her position in society forced her to be. Arya never liked dresses or dreamed o a prince … she liked swords, fighting and weapons. That’s why she always like she didn’t fit, even that she was disappointing her family.

That feeling of exclusion united Arya and Jon in a special way on the outskirts of the family because each understood the feelings of the other and they loved each other as they were. In the reunion, that connection is still there. In fact, there are great parallels with that mythical scene from season 1. That jump that Arya gives to the arms of Jon is the same, the mention of Needle, the big hug … everything reminds us of the scene from season 1. But, although, they have captured that essence among them, they have known how to mark very well the differences with the people who they have become now.

Both have changed. Arya has become a murderer and stopped being the sweet little girl Jon knew a long time ago. Now she is the protector of the family and, in some way, she is afraid that Jon will not accept who she has become. And Jon has long since ceased to be that man who felt excluded from his own family, has become a leader capable of leading people to battle and directing them. There is … a fear and suspicion implicit in that scene between them. Especially when Jon has given his crown to someone she doesn’t know at all and that could harm the family. Now, Arya does not criticize Sansa, rather is on her side … why?  Because Arya considers herself the guardian of her family. The executor arm of its justice and its revenge. Sansa the previous season showed her that she fights for her family and protects the family as much as she does, but Jon must still prove that he does. And it has not started well giving everything to Dany.

Arya continues to trust Jon … but still doesn’t trust that his decision was the right one to protect her family. While Jon hoped to find the support that Arya always gave him.  But that makes the difference, the way they have grown and changed over the years. That suspicion … mixed with the love and connection that they have always felt for each other.

The moment that Jon rides a dragon I think it’s a perfect symbol of his blood and his destiny. He is a full-fledged Targeryen and the dragons are part of him, his blood. He will be the king of Westeros and he will conquer it mounted on a dragon. The dragons also recognize him as a Targeryen, just as they recognized Dany some time ago, they had never left anyone but Dany ride them.  He will rule along with Dany, because they love each other and can govern Westeros fairly, even Jon’s kindness will appease that cruelty that Dany is sometimes able to show. I think this sums up the whole epic scene.

The “great revelation” has come from the hand of Sam, in the middle of an emblematic place, my colleagues have mentioned exactly my thoughts and I agree with them. I just want to add that the place where that truth has been revealed is significant. It was in the Stark crypts, in front of the statue of Eddar, who kept the secret and kept his promise to protect, care for and love Jon as his own son.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

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