Ironic that I keep thinking of this phrase, one that I heard often in my childhood. Ironic because “The Bells” aired on Mother’s Day, and this was my mom’s phrase anytime we took the easy way out, which I will admit, as kids, was often, but also ironic because that’s exactlyRead More →


We have been waiting with baited breath for the trailer of Season 7 of Game of Thrones to grace our screens and we were not disappointed. From Cersei listing to her enemies, to Jon getting rough with Littlefinger, and Daenerys landing on Westeros soil for the first, we are readyRead More →

Winter is coming. Or, well, summer is coming, but in Game-of-Thrones-land, it’s always winter. In typical HBO form, the name for the first episode of season 6 and the synopsis have been revealed, and strangely enough (wait, is any of this strange at this point?), they seem to contradict themselves.Read More →