‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Review: Winter is Coming…with Fire and Blood

Here we are. Winter has come and with it, Fire and Blood. We have finally reached season 7. This has probably been my one of my favorite seasons so far. We have really moved a long in our story line, finally, and are starting to tie up some loose ends.  Let’s break down this season below.

The North

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Jon has been declared King in the North. I can feel his frustration with these stubborn Northern Lords and his sister, Sansa. I swear, none of them listen. They sway to easily and their Northern loyalty it doesn’t always seem very strong.

Sansa needs to learn there is a time and place to advise Jon and argue when she doesn’t agree with his decisions.  Jon needs to learn to ask and listen to his sister’s advice. If we compare them to last season, we haven’t seen a lot of growth with trust between Sansa and Jon. This is mostly on Sansa’s side though.

The Stark children are finally all home, though it was a journey to get there. Bran doesn’t really seem to be Bran anymore, but I think he is hidden deep down somewhere. Perhaps we will get a glimpse of him if the Night King is ever defeated.

Arya on the other hand, has crossed some more names off her list.  The scene at the Twins at the opening of the first episode of season 7 brought me just as much happiness as I think it brought her.  Then to watch her find Hot Pie and find out that Jon and Sansa were in Winterfell, so many feels.

You can see pieces of the young Arya still there, especially when she decides to go home instead of going on to Kings Landing to kill Cersei. On her way home, when she encountered a direwolf that looked like Nymeria, her little whisper that it wasn’t her broke me.  You could see on Arya’s face how much she wanted it to be her.  She has missed her companion.

Sansa and Arya played Littlefinger to a great tune.  I love how Sansa used his lessons against him and he didn’t even realize it. Apparently, he didn’t take his own teaching’s to heart because the surprise on his face when they accused him of treason was everything.  I have always hated that man.  Now his ladder of chaos can disappear, there is enough scheming without him in this show.


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Jon and Dany have agreed to a fragile military alliance. This could be something great, as long as they aren’t too stubborn to get in their own way.  Dany needs to realize that she can’t have everything she wants, as does Jon. There needs to be a give and take.

I laugh at the interactions between Jon and Dany. I love how they pretend they aren’t attracted to each other.  It is so obvious and I love when Davos points it out to Jon. I think it really hit Dany how much she was attracted to him was when Drogon let Jon pet him. The only other person we have seen an interaction with any of the dragons is Tyrion, which didn’t start out so great at first.  Deny it all you want; we all know it’s there.

Kings Landing

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Is anyone else suspicious of what we didn’t see between Cersei and Tyrion?  Tyrion had gone a little soft on Cersei when she claimed she was “pregnant,” in my opinion. Let’s be honest, she probably isn’t. Cersei knows how to manipulate people; this was a sure way that she could get some kind of promise from Tyrion.  She wouldn’t have agreed to this truce without something in return from them, and we didn’t get to see the end of that conversation.  I don’t want to think that Tyrion would betray Dany, but this is Game of Thrones.

We are getting a full redemption arc for Jaime.  For the past six season’s he has been a about what is best for him, his family, and his house. He would do anything to protect them, even if it meant pushing a ten-year-old out of a window for love.  Now, he is just up and leaving Cersei to honor an oath he made to his enemies. I can’t wait to see Cersei’s reaction to Jaime leaving her in season 8.

The Wall

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A dragon has been killed beyond the wall. Let me repeat that for those of you in the back. A DRAGON has been KILLED beyond the wall. As soon as Viserion was struck from the sky I knew the Night King would raise him from the dead. It was so obvious to me.  Why wouldn’t the Night King do that? Now he has “ice” made flesh and has brought down the wall.  Everyone is screwed.  I’m glad I won’t have to be the one to fight him. As Bronn would say, this is where our partnership ends.

Major Season Revelation

Jon is Rhaegar’s son. His trueborn son, at that. He is not a bastard. He is the rightful King. This also makes his relationship with Dany very complicated, as we last saw them having sex. Now, I love the two of them together. I have waited for this since the beginning of season one. However, I am now conflicted. On one hand they are perfect for each other. on the other hand they are related. I’m not so into incest, like Jaime and Cersei.

This will kill Jon when he finds out. His whole identity is wrapped up in the Stark’s and the North. It’s who he is.  Ned was his greatest hero and he idolized him as he grew up. Ned also lied to him his entire life; it might have been for a good reason, but it still stings. Now Bran wants to reveal his true parentage to him. This will not go down so well.  I feel for him and I can only hope Bran does it in a somewhat gentle manner.  Hopefully he will take his own advice that he gave to Theon: he can be both, a Stark and a Targaryen. He doesn’t have to choose.

Epic Battle Scene

A season wouldn’t be complete without an epic battle scene and we get a taste of what a dragon can really do in warfare.  This scene was so awesome.  The visual and sound effects were on point, and I could only imagine how hard this was to film.  Side note, Jaime is an idiot for thinking he could kill Dany with Drogon right there, smh.

This is it folks. The last season before season 8 premieres. Game of Thrones has been my favorite television series since I started watching it years ago.  The entire production team, writers, and cast could have done no better in my opinion. They deserve all the awards and recognition that this series has received and more.  Stay tuned into Fangirlish for season 8 coverage, this ride isn’t over quite yet. Comment down below with your favorite seasons so far, what you have loved, what you would have changed, did you suspect Rhaegar as Jon’s father? We would love to hear your insights.

Game of Thrones season 8 will premiere on HBO on April 14th.

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