‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Season 2 Spoiler-Free Advanced Review

Sabrina’s hair might’ve changed and a little bit more black has been introduced to her wardrobe, but she’s still the same Spellman that we know and love from season 1 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She’s a rabble-rouser, the change many don’t want, and even more feminist in this second part of CAOS. And we couldn’t be prouder! But all of this doesn’t mean everything is dandy and rainbow colored since Sabrina signed the Dark Lord’s book. She’s changed.

Our young witch has power like never before flowing through her veins. And it’s intoxicating, scary, and wonderful at the same time. Anyone would have trouble balancing all of that on top of attending two schools, finding herself interested in two young men, and the human side of her that is being neglected for all things witch.


Keeping that all in mind, we’d like to jump back to the word “rabble-rouser.” Sabrina gets called this early on in season 2 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and we can’t stop thinking about the real world implications of this word. Sabrina wants change. She wants to say goodbye to antiquated beliefs that separate the genders in the Church of the Night. And instead of having her back because it’s 2019 and they’re a church of free will, she’s called a “rabble-rouser.”

For those who have had people call them “feminist” as if it were an insult, you understand why “rabble-rouser” was used. Sabrina’s haters want to spook her and discredit her. They want to shake things up according to their own terms and basically paint Sabrina with a wide brush of rebellion and “Oh my Satan. The old ways are the old ways for a reason! Leave them alone!” But Sabrina is of sound mind and speaks the truth of the change needed in the Church of the Night.

And people like it. Correction, people love it. Because of this, expect surprise team ups and more of the pairings you fell in love with during season one making their return in season two. That includes all of Sabrina’s mortal friends and those over at the Academy. They’re all part of this story and integral to the path of change that Sabrina is on right now.


Ship wise, everyone’s going to be fed. We’re looking at you Sabrina/Nick and Sabrina/Harvey. Our fav witch is going to be pulled back and forth between the young man she promised to love forever and the young man who has had her back over and over again at the Academy. And it’s going to be hard, hearts are going to be tested & broken, and we’ll see how far both young men are willing to go for Sabrina.

But, it’s going to be oh so worth it. You see, Satan is a possessive lord who wants to train up Sabrina to be by his side. What he hasn’t accounted for are these two young men in Sabrina’s life, her family, and the rest of her human friends. Sabrina is loved, wanted, and cherished in this home/town and NO ONE is going to back down and let our silver haired witch lose herself.

Sabrina Spellman chose her path in season one, despite all the protestors along the way, and continues to do so in season two. She doesn’t wait. She doesn’t follow. She creates, stumbles, gets up, and ends up stronger than ever before.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two premieres April 5th on Netflix.

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