‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 4×09 Review: ‘Lucha De Apuestas”

FINALLY OUR SHOW IS BACK!!! After what feels like ages, Legends of Tomorrow delivered the usual wildness we’ve come to expect from the outcast of the Arrowverse. However, we didn’t expect to have our hearts break into multiple pieces due to AvaLance drama, a family betrayal and a shocking final few minutes.

Let’s delve into “Lucha de Apuestas,” starting with a girl and the masked Luchador wolf-like creature she loves.

Hungry Like El Lobo


Way back in Legends’ 4×07 (so long ago I honestly can’t remember the air date!), Konane accidentally slashed Mona during his escape. Now we find Mona in the hospital recuperating from her injuries. Only one problem: Nate’s dad doctored the security footage, framing Mona for the Kaupe’s escape. Gary, like the little weasel he is, goes to the hospital to mind-wipe Mona, but Mona stops him and escapes… to then be captured by the Legends.

Now, I haven’t been the biggest Mona fan this season. But I loved her in this episode. Sometimes on a TV show you just need a character to be a good person with a good heart. Mona is that. When they find the Kaupe as a lucha wrestler in 1961 Mexico City, she convinces the Legends, especially Sara, to help her save him. Some could say she’s only doing it because she loves Konane, but love is the strongest emotion anyone could have. It makes people into better versions of themselves, and it did that for Mona and Konane. Through the power of love, Mona convinced him to lose a fight to the legend of the lucha scene, El Cura.

The bonding between Mona and Konane was lovely, but made the episode’s ending even sadder. As Mona plans a future with Konane in ancient Hawaii, a conversation with Rory makes her think that they are just too different. So when it comes time to say goodbye, Mona knows she can’t be with him in his land. As she explains this, one of Hank’s thugs shoots and kills Konane! This snaps something inside of Mona who hulks out into some sort of wolf-like creature and kills the man. (My guess: the changing ability came from that scratch.)

Now Mona is not just alone, but also has a murderous creature inside of her. What happens next is anybody’s guess, but Mona is changed forever. Love may have changed her into a better person, but now that she has lost that love, what kind of person has she changed into?



The other big thing in “Lucha De Apuestas” is the breakup of everyone’s favorite Legends pairing – Ava and Sara.

First thing first: the scenes between Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan were really fantastic. They really felt like a couple going through a rough patch because of work-related issues.

Ava’s main problem was her belief that Sara wasn’t supporting her during this Mona/Kaupe issue, while Sara was just trying to do the right thing. Even when Sara tried to convince Ava that it was because of Nate’s dad and his manipulations, Ava wasn’t listening due to fear of losing her job at the Time Bureau. After a few little fights and a very sexy dance, we got our big massive blow-out fight at the end of the episode.

Now, I hate how Ava was written during this fight. Yes, she always been a hard-ass business first lady, but her time with Sara had helped sort of change that. Sure, Sara didn’t stand by her side this one time, but Sara has stood by her side multiple times before that. Sara has never judged her or tried to change her. So I didn’t like that Ava didn’t care when Sara was trying to explain why she did what she did. Ava didn’t care about the creatures being tortured, which I think hurt Sara more than she would think.

So where do we go from here in terms of AvaLance?

Do I think this breakup will last long? No. I don’t. It’s the CW. Couples break up and make up all the time on these shows. My hope is that the make-up is well-earned when it does happen. Because it will happen; Sara and Ava care about each other way too much to let things end like this. Love has the power to hurt the people you care about, but also it has the power to heal as well. As long as that love is still there for AvaLance, they still have a chance to heal.

Other Legendary Thoughts

  • The other plotline involved Nate and Zari teaming up to get the real footage of the Kaupe’s escape. Two things came out of this: It feels like the show was testing a potential Nate/Zari ship, as they went undercover as boyfriend/girlfriend for Nate’s dad’s party, and had a few ‘moments’ together. It was fine but also felt like it came out of nowhere. I prefer Nate and Zari as friends who give each other shit way more than as a budding relationship in the future.
  • Nate also revealed knowledge of his dad’s plot to him, and has decided to go undercover to get more info. Nate is playing a dangerous game. I know he’s in pain from finding out his dad is a evil SOB, but don’t make any dumb mistakes. Well, Nate’s a Legend, so that might be easier said than done.
  • To Nate’s mom: Do not put your hands on Zari’s “Child-bearing” hips or anyone’s hips for that matter!!
  • “Cards to Save the Timeline” is definitely a game I would buy.
  • El Lobo was a very cool nickname for Konane in Mexico.
  • El Cura vs. El Lobo was a 2-star match at best.
  • “You were right. There is no such thing as Happily Ever After.”

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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