‘American Gods’ 2×07 Review: “Treasure of the Sun”

American Gods “Treasure of the Sun” was Mad Sweeney’s swan song and final fuck you to the Old God whose been treating him like shit from day one of this show. And we’re so stinking proud of him! No more treading water, no more drunkenly stumbling about warning Shadow of who Mr. Wednesday really is or following after Laura Moon. Sweeney stood up for himself, said everything he’s been holding back for years, and took away Wednesday’s prized spear. That’s what happens when you mess with Mad Sweeney!

Now, swan song pertains to a person’s final act or performance. This could be the end of our god king. It could also be the beginning of something new. Laura Moon is coming and her concoction to bring life to what is dead is in her hands. She’ll be the one to save him. Because whether she wants to admit it, or whether Mad Sweeney wants to admit it, there is love between these two assholes.

Yes, We’re Super Proud of Mad Sweeney


Honestly, this was all a long time coming.

Mr. Wednesday brushed off Mad Sweeney every chance he got and whatever deal they made in the past was obviously being pushed to the breaking point by Wednesday turning to his new man aka Shadow Moon. Sweeney was abandoned and gaslighted by a god who thinks he’s got everything under control. “Treasure of the Sun” is proof that he doesn’t have the hold on this god king like he thought he did.

We’ve been building up to this moment for two seasons now. And a huge part of what lit this fire under his ass is Laura Moon. She made him feel alive for the first time in ages with every hot mess bit of her and everytime she teased him. It was companionship built out of necessity at first and then because he chose her over Mr. Wednesday. And that is fucking huge for someone like Mad Sweeney.

I think Sweeney never thought he’d be capable of caring for someone like he does Laura. He barely remembers his past and just the thought of feeling THAT blossoming of love in your heart is scary AF. Besides making him feel things he hadn’t felt in a while, Laura also challenged him. She said the things that everyone else was too afraid of and asked more of him when it came to the control that Wednesday had over Sweeney.

So, this is us, fans of the tall ginger god king known as Mad Sweeney, declaring that we are insanely proud of how far this leprechaun has come. We don’t think his journey is over by a long shot and look forward to getting to know what comes next for him as a person and what comes next when it comes to his relationship with Laura Moon aka the dead wife that has stolen his coin and heart.

Mr. Wednesday Doesn’t Care for Anyone But Himself

This battle in “Treasure of the Sun,” it’s exactly what Mr. Wednesday wanted. That’s why he brought Shadow into the fold so quickly when he had Mad Sweeney on the sidelines and still his man. Wednesday wanted to get rid of Mad Sweeney because he was tired of him, wasn’t able to control him anymore, and because he knew that the day would come where Sweeney would recognize his power and leave Wednesday in the dust.

Shadow fighting his battle for him and slaying Sweeney, it was all according to plan and I hate it. What’s to say that Mr. Wednesday won’t do the same thing to Shadow when the time comes or if he loses the reins of control he has over this man? There’s no guarantee that Shadow is safe or will last past his expiration date. He’s just another cog in Wednesday’s elaborate plan and I hope Shadow wakes up to the reality of what has happened to him because of Wednesday.

Also, I’m glad that Sweeney made his special little spear go bye, bye. It’s what Wednesday deserves, a last fuck you from the god king. Now, even though the one eyed fuck (Sweeney’s words) loves that he got rid of the tall and ginger pain the ass, he’s going to have to work to save him. He needs that spear and Sweeney’s death means the chances of winning this war have significantly dropped.

It’s what Wednesday deserves.

Laura Moon is Going to Save Mad Sweeney

I’M CALLING IT NOW! With one of the many gods out there being my witness, Laura Moon is going to save Mad Sweeney. Sure, Mr. Wednesday is going to try because he’s a selfish prick that wants his spear back. But Laura Moon is going to save him because she loves him. Yes, I said it. The big four letter word. Love.

No, it isn’t perfect and Laura’s a hot mess more than half the time. But so is Sweeney. He is her hot mess and when it comes down to it, she’ll save him like he’s chosen to do plenty of times from his own free will. And this isn’t coming out of nowhere or because they had mystical voodoo sex two episodes ago. Laura is a different woman now; dead and liberated from the pain and constraints that life put her under when she was alive.

This is Laura’s second chance, her time to pick what path she wants to take. And I believe that path will lead her to Mad Sweeney, no matter how glittery and gold Shadow is to her. And oh what a surprise it’ll be to Shadow. I think he’s sure that he knows who Laura is. But he couldn’t be farther from the truth. Laura is the treasure of the sun, the badass in a flowy dress, that can rip you limb from limb because SHE now holds the power over her own life and existence. And there is no going back!

Do you have any theories on what is coming next for American Gods? Let us know in the comments section below!

American Gods airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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