American Gods “Muninn” introduced us to the hella talented Kahyun Kim and Devery Jacobs, the first playing New Media and the latter playing Sam Blackcrow. And seriously, after one episode of having them in my life, if anything happens to them, I would kill everyone in this room and thenRead More →


American Gods is slowly but surely making us fall in love with Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney in “The Beguiling Man.” We could resist. I could resist…but I won’t. There’s a spark there, a bond, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before or that Laura Moon and Mad SweeneyRead More →

American Gods, the hit Starz show in its second season, will be coming back for a third round! Starz has confirmed that the series will be returning for a third season with a new show-runner. Charles ‘Chic’ Eglee, our newest addition to the American Gods family, is best known forRead More →

Starz announced through their American Gods twitter that the show has started production and is set to return in 2019. After much speculation about the direction of the show, especially after the departure of the EP’s and key actors, it finally feels like we can breath just a bit easier.Read More →

With one month left until the premiere of American Gods, Starz has released the main title sequence. For those not familiar with the book, the opening sequence might be a little…confusing. The opening is meant to represent the old and the new coming together. We have multiple statues and objects of worship,Read More →

We’re trying to keep our cool here. We’re trying really hard. We’re just failing at it. Because ‘American Gods’ is coming, and we here at Fangirlish couldn’t be more excited about it. The long awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel has now officially begun production. Shooting hasRead More →

The interview that fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Ricky Whittle sat down with Afterbuzz TV to give an in-depth interview about Lincoln’s death on The 100, the bullying behind the scenes, and his next big project Starz American Gods. After weeks of speculation on what the heckRead More →

Every week, Fangirlish writers (and sometimes guests) sit down to discuss new episodes of The 100. We share our thoughts, feelings, and speculations on everything and anything in what we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables. Today, we’re breaking down episode 3×09 of The 100, “Stealing Fire,” where we discuss ourRead More →

I know you’re still emotionally devastated. Anyone would be after the pain The 100 served up in “Stealing Fire.” We definitely are. Not only did we lose a fan favorite, we love you Ricky Whittle aka Lincoln, but we said goodbye to Clarke in Polis in a deadly way. TheRead More →

Marcus Kane of The 100 started off as the scapegoat antagonist. He was meant to distract, to make us think we knew the kind of man he was from the start. It wasn’t long until we realized he was so much more than the adversary of everything we were cheeringRead More →

Welcome to the The 100‘s Mutiny of Kane! His specialties are: believing in others when they don’t believe in themselves, looking out for the survival of his people, and teaming up with Grounders friends to fight the good fight. (Keyword: friends!) After last week’s angst filled ending (that is stillRead More →

Lexa had to die. I don’t mean to say that I’m thrilled at her death and wished for it in this week’s episode of The 100 titled ‘Thirteen.’ I mean that her death has served a purpose that cannot be denied. Also this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lexa.Read More →