5 Life Lessons We Learned from the ‘John Wick 3’ Trailer

John Wick 3, starring the never aging Keanu Reeves, just dropped their premiere trailer and we’re practically speechless. Seriously, and what could you possibly say to fully comprehend the badassery that is John Wick and everything that he does? Nothing. He’s that much of a badass that no words can define him or his skills.

But until we figure that out, let’s dive into the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum to see what life lessons John has gifted to us this time around!

1. A man and his dog can totally be ride or die!

To the end of my days I’ll watch any John Wick movie that comes my way as long as it’s a story about John and his furry companion saving the day and surviving the crazy amount of assassins coming after him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a man and his dog be each other’s ride or die? Everyoneeeee would and you know that it’s the truth in your John Wick loving heart.

Here’s hoping that Keanu’s dog, I mean John’s dog, doesn’t bite the bullet like the pup that came before him. I’m in need of rest and relaxation for both of these survivors!

2. The more dogs, the better!

Is there’s a guaranteed way to get me to watch a movie it’s by including more dogs. They are fierce, kind, and loyal companions. One beautiful boy is John’s companion and Halle Berry’s character has two German shepherds who go into battle with her. The latter is hella cool because that means that everyone understands the power of companionship, even assassins, and trust to do a job with one of these furry buddies next to them.

Again, I’m just hoping that this doesn’t mean that we’re going to get more dog casualties. After the first movie, I can’t go through that again!

3. Reading is deadly and essential.

Whoever said reading was boring obviously didn’t spend any time with John Wick at a library. Our favorite longlegs assassin knows reading is fundamental and he’s such a helpful soul that he’ll introduce books to others in any way that he can. It might mean shoving a book between someone’s teeth and knocking them over, but John is dedicated to the consumption of knowledge. We could all do to be a little bit more like John Wick, minus all the noise because after all it’s still a library.

4. The odds are ever in your favor when you’re John Wick.

It doesn’t matter what comes your way, if you are John Wick, the odds are ever in your favor. That’s the reason why that knife didn’t get John right in the package. Like Domino from Deadpool, luck is on his side and what was meant as a weapon against him is just two seconds away from being something he could use to defend himself. It’s part of the reason why I think and know the John is going to survive everything and anything these second-rate assassins throw at him. John’s got luck on his side. That and a crazy amount of skills but no one else can compare to.

5. Horse beats motorcycles, every single time!

I don’t know if you’re aware, but if you are on a horse being chased by guys on motorcycles that want to kill you, you’re totally going to win this one. You’re on a horse and there is no way a motorcycle can best you. *Insert scoff here* Besides looking badass, you have a height advantage, and if you’re John Wick, then everything is just going to fall into place because you are such a good luck magnet of sorts.

Bonus Life Lesson:

Halle Berry owns you, owns me, owns everybody. Just look at her. You know what I’m talking about! And you know that it’s true! Also, I haven’t even met her yet and I already know that John is lucky to have her by his side. Extra points too for the 2 pups with her!

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum hits theaters May 17, 2019.

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