‘A Discovery of Witches’ 1×03 Review: The Princess Runs Away w/ Her Prince in This One

A Discovery of Witches continues blowing right past my expectations with an episode that proves how sexy consent and respect truly are. In the third episode of season one, our main heroes run away together, not because they’re suddenly in love, but because they trust each other. Matthew stands behind Diana in a power move that shows how much confidence he has in her abilities. And we get to understand a little more about who has Diana and Matthew’s back! Spoiler alert: It’s not Gillian.)

The First Kisses Between #Bishmont


As far as first kisses go, Diana and Matthew’s were…unique. They weren’t hot and passionate (yet). They weren’t slow and languid, making your toes curl in excitement. In fact, they were like no other kisses I’ve ever seen before on TV, movies, or the books I’ve read.

To better explain myself, let’s talk about the kiss that Diana gave Matthew. He stood still, not because he didn’t want the kiss. (Oh, Matthew wanted it!) He stood still because he was letting her take the lead. Matthew wanted Diana to control the situation. And he wanted to prove to himself and to Diana that what they felt between each other wasn’t born out of lust or situation. It was born out of trust.

The kiss that Matthew bestowed upon Diana was the same thing. She stood still, patiently waiting for him to make the move, to take a chance. To her, this wasn’t an attraction born out of lust or desperation. It was born out of trust and how they felt about each other in the midst of the crazy situation they had been throw into.

Diana and Matthews kisses, and the manner that they happened, makes these two seem more real and relatable. I’ve never had a suddenly hot and passionate first kiss or a slow and languid first kiss. First kisses, for me at least, were quiet and subtle moments where you take your time to make sure the other person A) wants to kiss you and B) knows that you want to kiss them.

If anything, the manner that they dealt with their first kisses is a great sign of how their relationship will continue to develop and grow. Also, we (the viewer) learn so much from the TV that we consume. Let this be a teaching moment that kisses are about respect and that nothing is sexier than consent.

Standing Behind Diana


Kisses aside, Matthew standing behind Diana might be the hottest thing that this show has ever done. Hell, I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen anything sexy like this on another show. So far it’s a “no” because Matthew and his actions are clear and still in central focus.

So…Matthew standing behind Diana. A vampire, who had been invited to the home of a witch, entered said witches house and saw that she was being confronted by another magic user. Instead of going all “I am man. You are woman. Let me protect you” he actually deferred to Diana. This was her home and he had absolutely no doubt that she could take care of herself, even against this high ranking magic user.

Matthew let Diana and Peter know that he trusted the witch and respected her ability to fight her own battles. It’s this confidence, this subtle way of showing her that they were on the same level as magical creatures, that made Matthew 10 times hotter in my eyes and Diana’s. He didn’t have to scream it from rooftops. He showed her how much he cared with his actions.

Ultimately, it comes down to respect. Matthew respected Diana, her home, her powers, and her capability in getting the evil dude from Game of Thrones out of her house and life. It’s that simple. Men who respect women, men who have confidence in a woman’s abilities, are hot AF. They are the kind of partners we NEED to see more of on TV.

Why Diana and Matthew Ran Away Together


Diana didn’t agree to go to France with Matthew because she was suddenly in love with him. She wasn’t manipulated or had her mind compelled to follow Matthew’s suggestion. Diana followed Matthew…no…Diana accompanied Matthew to France because it was the logical decision.

Other shows would make it seem like Diana was head over heels with Matthew and that there’s no place she wouldn’t follow him. But that’s not Diana Bishop. If Diana had even one ounce of doubt about Matthew’s intentions she would peace out quick! This move was a calculated risk taken by the witch because Matthew has proved himself to her.

Matthew has not sought out to harm Diana, he defers to her, and shares her feelings on keeping the book safe from those that want to cause other creatures harm. He’s not a bigot like Peter Knox. He’s not a liar like Gillian. And he’s not across the pond like Diana’s mom’s are. Matthew is there, by her side, and she chose to follow him because he makes her feel safe, heard, and like an equal.

Who wouldn’t accompany a man like that?

Gillian vs Marcus


It’s a tale as old as time, the people on the fringes of the “doomed” love do nothing but frown upon and try to interfere with the relationship. And frankly, it’s never made sense to me. If you love someone, trust them, then why would you act like that doesn’t matter now that they have a new significant other? I understand that it has to do with being the kind of friend that can tell your loved on when they’re making a mistake. But TV has stereotypically made it so the friend/family member acts like it’s their way or the highway.

Case in point: Gillian. From what we’ve seen, Diana doesn’t have a lot of friends, especially ones that are witches. Diana trusted Gillian and thought that HER friend would never turn her back on her. But she did. Gillian went to Peter Knox, worked against Diana to get the book, and then lied to her face about it. She even went as far as calling Matthew an “it” as if he has no fears, doubts, or even the mental capacity to be a living creature worthwhile her time.

Gillians actions are born out of jealousy for Diana. She looks at Diana and sees everything that she’s been lacking from the day she was born. Diana has the career, the charisma, the charm, and the fact that Diana doesn’t want her magic makes Gillian furious because she wants great magic. And instead of trying to learn from Diana or accepting the beauty inside of herself, Gillian’s jealousy led her to the vilest of creatures, Peter Knox.

Marcus is the flip side of Gillian. He is Matthew’s sired child, his friend, and his family. But instead of acting jealous and petty like Gillian now that daddy has his eyes set on someone else, he’s stood by Matthew’s side. He’s listened to Matthew, helped when need be, and given Matthew perspective in a manner I’ve never seen before. Does he think Matthew is throwing himself in a big ol’ mess for a witch? Yes, absolutely. Does he want him to be happy, safe, and alive? YES.

So instead of pulling Matthew away from Diana, Marcus urged Matthew to be smart about this and take it a step at a time. Matthew’s life was his first priority but he didn’t doubt or belittle Matthew for his feelings. Marcus loves Matthew and will do anything in his power to support his father because he would do it in return for his son without a second of doubt. Marcus is family. He proves that with his actions and how he wants the best for Matthew for Matthew’s sake. Gillian is not. She’s not Diana’s family and she’s barely her friend.

Favorite Scene from 1×03:


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