‘Blindspot’ 4×10 Review: “The Big Reveal”

Blindspot is back! And not just because a week has passed since the previous episode, but because “The Big Reveal” has meant a return to everything that we love about the show: secrets, action, tension, love, mystery. And the rhythm of the series has returned to what it was, all stories have advanced along with the emotional conflicts, in a very well balanced and complete episode. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


Jane’s cure is something elusive. When it seems they are about to find it… the trail burns. In this case, literally. But there is still hope, there is always hope.

The search for this cure has entertained us and kept us feeling the tension, living the action in first person, but it has also given us wonderful scenes between characters that normally don’t have much interaction. At the same time, Jeller has developed and my heart has melted once again for them – seriously, how could you notnot l them – and, in addition, Jane has felt a special connection with Roman through the doctor. Of course, the team has helped reunite a family and has caught the bad guys. A normal day for the Blindspot team!

This search against the clock has given Jane and Rich time for a heart-to-heart conversation. It’s absolutely wonderful. From beginning to end. Jane still has to reconcile with the memories she has of everything she did while she was Remi. Rich has experience in that, after all, he changed his life and has also had to work reconciling his past with his present. Jane wanted to know how he did it and what made him able to do it. But for Rich it wasn’t what, but who.

For Rich, Jane was always an inspiration, the one that led him to change and find his true family: the team. He met Jane, saw the darkness of her past in her eyes … but also the way in which, every day, she chose to enhance in her own light. Rich saw how Jane Doe was born in the midst of adversity and confusion, in the midst of darkness. Then he knew there was a way out. He knew there was hope. That made him react.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

Rich knew then that he didn’t have to live in a shadow world, alone, without trusting anyone, full of lies and fear. He opened his eyes and knew that he could use his skills to help save lives. He saw it in Jane and knew it was possible. That was the beginning of everything. That led to the team, to a family by choice. With them, he learned what it was like to be able to trust your partner to have your back no matter what happened. He understood what was trust, friendship, loyalty and brotherhood. They were the reason for his change. For them and also for himself, Rich chooses every day to be better, accepting what he did in the past and understanding that was part of him but doesn’t define him.

It’s what Jane has to do, she must forgive herself and look forward. Choose each day to be Jane Doe and do it for herself. The story of Jane and Rich is very similar, she also changed thanks to the team, they guided her and showed her what it meant to really love and have non-allied friends, to be a family.

There is another special scene for Jane and it’s the one she has with the doctor. Until that moment, every time she has heard Roman’s name, the voice that said it was full of anger and contempt, even fear. From the lips of the doctor Jane hears, for the first time, the name of Roman said with affection. It’s something new for her and she feels aakind of prick in her heart and smiles, that smile brings pain, melancholy, sadness and joy mixed. Jane, at that moment, is remembering Roman in a happier and much more innocent time.

Later, the doctor gives her the hope of a cure and confesses that Roman insisted on it – we thank the universe for Roman’s existence. He never wanted Jane to die, he wanted her to be cured because he loved her. Knowing that gives Jane peace, she can be more at peace with herself because she has the certainty that it doesn’t matter what happened between them or the mixed feelings that Roman felt for her … in the end, his love for her was always there, he never stopped loving her.

It’s something Jane needed to know to be more at peace with herself. Knowing that Roman loved her no matter what, realizing that he forgave her forfor everyth, even what she did to him when she was Remi, means a world to her and helps her take the step of looking forward only, forgiving herself for her past.


How I love this couple! Throughout the episode they have been supporting each other. Jane was going through a crisis, she could not forgive herself for everything she had done as Remi and could not understand how the team and Kurt had been able to. Kurt has been there at all times, supporting her and making it clear that everyone knows that Remi was not her, not really. And he’s right, Remi was a version of her created and molded by Shepherd but not herself.

At the same time, Kurt is not at his best either. He knows that Jane is running out of time. The disease is killing her and he simply can’t even think about losing her, not when h just got her back. He’s scared. Terrified. He feels that his worst nightmare is inexorably approaching nd he can’t find anything to stop it. When it seems they are close to finding a solution … it escapes them.

Kurt is very worried and Jane notices it, in this case, it’s she who gives him courage to face everything. The one that gives him hope. They will find the cure and she will live, she will never leave his side. Kurt tries to believe it, he wants nothing more than to do it … but rationally he knows that time is running out.

BLINDSPOT — “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

Therefore, he is so hard on the doctor’s son. They need to find a solution and they need to do it now. Nothing and no one is going to stop him. It’s Jane who calms him, who helps him deal with everything by sharing his burden and leaning on each other.

When the doctor tells Kurt that she has the cure, the faces of Kurt and Jane are of relief, of joy … but also of hope. Hopes that are broken when the shed starts to burn and the cure with it. Kurt was going to risk his life, he was going to risk burning himself alive in order to save the cure for Jane, so that she would live. He doesn’t mind giving his life for hers, he does it without hesitation for a single second.

Later, when Jane and Kurt are alone, she still marvels at all that Kurt can do for her, has seen in his eyes that he was really going to risk everything for her. Then Kurt touches her face with both hands, connects with her eyes, so that she sees the truth in them and in his caresses and makes her see that there is nothing he would not do for her and that he will never surrender, no matter what .

Is beautiful. A couple that depends on each other,  that shares the burdens and are capable of all for each other. The love between both is felt through the screen and I agree with Rich, they are totally adorable.

PS: I LOVE that they added that little private joke between them about Jane staying in the car. It has moved me immediately to those first days and to those first measures of their history.


Unlike Jeller, this couple has made us suffer a lot. Tasha, once she verifies that Keaton is in a coma and can not guide her, reveals the whole truth: she was working undercover for the CIA and had to do everything she needed to maintain her facade. Even hurt Reade.

We knew it, blindspotters! Tasha was acting as a double agent. However, joy lasts little. Throughout the episode, we have seen how Reade no longer trusts Tasha. Everything she says, what she tells him, he doesn’t believe it, he is not able to take that leap of faith. What was once blind faith has now become distrust. We can not blame him for that, that is the price that Tasha must pay for all her actions.

Tasha’s story is simple, Keaton provided her with a covert and dangerous CIA mission – that snake lied when he said he knew nothing and let everyone suffer the loss and Tasha’s supposed betrayal – he told him she had to leave everything and everyone, gave her a choice … and she said yes.

I think this is already a problem, the conditions of the mission were very hard. She couldn’t say anything to anyone, she couldn’t have any support. She had to isolate herself and put an end to the incipient possibility of a relationship with Reade, the love of her life. And here Tasha put that mission above her own life. I don’t think it was the right decision.

Then she lied to everyone, including organizing a false speech with a false dismissal. Everything to fit the cover. As Tasha knew that maybe she would not see Reade again – by her own choices – she went home and they both physically consummated what they felt. Afterwards, she left him to embark on her mission and the next thing she did was to enter his house and torture him physically and emotionally.

BLINDSPOT — “The Big Reveal” Episode 410 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

This, this … cruelty is what makes Reade tell her that, although he believes her and now he will act as his boss, everything between them is over. Reade tells her she is a means to an end and that he will never ever let her come near him again. Everything between them is finished because Tasha herself finished it. And I agree with him. Tasha loves him but she didn’t know how to show him that love and she didn’t choose him, not even herself, at any time.

Tasha had many options … she could have rejected the mission. But, once she accepted it, she could have told him. She could have leaned on him. The rules don’t matter, no matter what Keaton says, Tasha should have shown her trust in Reade, her love for him by including him in that vital and restricted part of her life. She could have done it … but she chose not to do it. She didn’t choose him. The rest are excuses.

Yes, Tasha protected him because everything would have gone much worse for Reade at home if she had not acted, but she never gave him the importance and the place he deserved by confessing to Reade the truth. She left him and didn’t even think about what he would feel the next morning when she disappeared. That’s what really broke everything.

Zapata’s heart is broken by Reade’s words and his voice … that hard voice full of resentment, anger and contempt … it’s too much for her. She can’t stop repeating that everything that was between them was real, that it was the only real thing in her life, the only real thing that still exists in her life. The only thing that keeps her sane and tied to the here and now. The only thing that keeps her in the light without being carried away by the darkness that surrounds her more and more.

BLINDSPOT — “The Big Reveal” Episode 410 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

But the words are blown by the wind … at the moment of truth, Tasha was not able to gamble for her love for Reade, she was not able to choose him and put them first. She didn’t know how to love him.

Of course, there is still hope. Not everything is as finished as Reade believes, and this will be solved … but we have very hard moments ahead. But remember, nothing worthwhile is easy. Be ready, blindspotters, curves are coming!


In conclusion, this has felt like a real episode of our favorite show. Blindspot has returned to the rhythm to which we were accustomed and it finally felt like the story really moved forward and didn’t spin in a circle. Emotional conflicts have been the order of the day and have been brilliantly developed and explained. In short, they have finally gotten to the good part and it’s clear that the best is yet to come. I can’t wait!

Agree? Disagree? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back on February 1 with the 4×11 “Careless Whisper.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


Blindspot returns on February 1 at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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