‘Supernatural’ 15×09 Review: “The Trap”

Supernaturals “The Trap” has only made me feel even more bitter and done with God’s crap. Messing with Eileen/Sam is a big no in my book and he’s crossed the line into “I’ll never forgive you” town. Also, and maybe even a little more important, I think I’ve seen the Destiel light aka that glorious moment where you’re like, “I think I might ship this.” And there’s no turning back now!

Is That Destiel I See?

Not going to lie, I’ve seen the tiniest of sparks before this moment with Dean praying to Castiel. I saw the possibility of what this ship could be but never really wanted to dive into it. The ship never “got” me. That all changed in “The Trap.” I see it now for what it truly is and I’m shocked that it took me this long to jump on the Destiel train. But, better late than never right?

For those who think Destiel is a crock, think about it this way: if this Dean moment where he’s praying to Castiel, was played by a woman praying to a man aka her best friend and confidant, would you ship it? The answer is yes, and don’t try to deny it because you’ll just look pretty homophobic for it. Yes, I said what I said. 

There are heteronormative glasses that I’ve been wearing when it comes to Destiel even though I am a queer person myself. I’m glad to say that wearing those glasses is done and over with. And here’s hoping this was a tipping off point for others fans that have never seen or felt Destiel being a true ship on Supernatural. It’s there, I see it, and here’s hoping Destiel shippers will lead me down the path of knowledge by recommending some amazing fics. Please?

We Must Protect Sam and Eileen

Every episode of season 15 is us gritting our teeth as Chuck/God screws things over. And every episode I’ve told myself, “This is it. This is the line that has been crossed and there’s no coming back from it.” Then Chuck/God, played the extremely talented Rob Benedict, comes around and shows us how cruel he can really be. 

Eileen feels precious to me. I loved her since the very moment that she came on Supernatural. She was different, fierce, and a challenge that never stopped fighting for what she wanted. Finding out that God had a hand in bringing her back and was using her for his own means, is sickening and makes me want to deck God right in the mouth.

Sam and Eileen are perfect for each other and it saddens me that Eileen is taking a step back to figure out what is real for her. Talking about what’s real, can we take a moment to appreciate that kiss? Swoon alert in aisle 15, shipper down. It was the kind of tenderness that we deserve on this show and I hope that Eileen isn’t gone for good, especially because this is the final season.

That Bleak Future Though

Remember how I just talked about God/Chuck crossing the line into, “Are you really fucking serious?” territory and how he’d proven himself to be an even bigger asshole? Well, here we go again, God drawing the line in the sad and being like, “What are you going to do about it?” Personally I’d like to hog tie him and throw him into the cage, but that’s just me.

God keeps messing with the Winchesters in disturbing and self indulgent ways. Like, God is enjoying bringing the Winchesters pain. And I understand, partially, why he’s doing this. The Winchesters embarrassed him and showed him that his high and mighty ass isn’t all powerful, that he can be tricked, and that he can be bested. Since God is a petty God, he took all of this HELLA personally.

And I’m kind of tired of it. 

Showing Sam those bleak futures was him trying to get back at our favorite Moose because God’s been embarrassed and he can’t get over it. He’s bitter and jaded and he’s trying to transform Sam into a mirror image of himself. And it worked, just for the tiniest second, but I don’t think it’ll stick. Sam is a bright and shining star on this show and it’s going to take more than some disturbing visions to destroy his composure or conviction that what God is doing is wrong.  

Good thing he has his family too. They always come around, they always have his back, and to me it’s the true vision of what the future can hold.

I have spoken.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.


    1. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to spiral on all of this!

  1. If heteronormativity were the only block to Dean-ships, Teams Lisa, Cassie, and Jo would be serious business in the fandom. Lisa in particular shares many emotional moments with Dean, but Dean/Lisa isn’t even popular enough to have a recognizable nickname. Not shipping Destiel after a tearjerking scene between Dean and Cass proves homophobia about as much as not shipping Dean with Lisa suggests fear of heterosexuality.

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