‘Supernatural’ SDCC Interview: Misha Collins Talks Life After the End

We got the opportunity to talk with Misha Collins at SDCC about Supernatural and what Misha is up to next after the epic CW series is over. Oddly enough, if you’ve never seen a Misha interview you’re in for a surprise because he goes on tangents all the time, Collins really wanted to drive home what this show is about: brotherhood.

“It’s about brotherhood. Both in the literal and broader sense of the term. And that’s why my character worked, that’s why Mark Shephards character worked, and why Alex’s character worked. These characters that come in that are also part of this fraternity and we get to explore brotherhood.”

And even though we got (and still are) a little miffed while listening to this answer, as Collins dived into the reasons why it’s ok that Supernatural never really had a series regular female character that lasted seasons…no wait. No excuses. His response was cheap and an excuse that felt little to late and like maybe he should be focusing on the end of his characters journey and not why Wayward Daughters didn’t work.

Anyway…let’s talk Collins future after Supernatural. Primarily the book that he’s written with his wife.

“Our cookbook went on sale for presale this weekend. So if anyone wants to plug that, that would be helpful because presales help us get onto the best seller list.” Collins explained, “It’s about feeding children well and changing the paradigm of North American children’s cuisine but also about coalescing families around cooking.”

If you would like to listen to Misha Collins excuse the lack of female characters, plug his new book, and talk about the end of Supernatural, watch our interview from SDCC below!

*Also note that Misha Collins got up from our interview and since he didn’t have another table to talk with…HE JUST SAT BACK DOWN! 


Supernatural returns to The CW this Fall.

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