‘Riverdale’ SDCC Interview: Lili Reinhart Talks Bughead

Lili Reinhart threw shippers a bone.

Well, she did that, and then, of course, she threw a conditional there, because she still has a show to promote, and it seems like absolutely everyone is convinced happiness doesn’t sell and we wouldn’t watch forty plus minutes of domesticity between our faves.

And, newsflash, we absolutely would. Just saying.

Don’t believe me? Check out all the fanfic out there. And the fanart. Believe me, people would eat it up.

But back to Riverdale, Reinhart promised Bughead is strong – at least, at the beginning of the season. After that, of course, the actual mystery of the, you know, wtf way the show ended season 3, and the distance, might take a toll on the couple.

This is TV though, so that isn’t exactly surprising. But with the show seemingly going back to the season one vibe, and the promise of more scenes between the core four and more focus on the friendships, we wouldn’t really worry much about Bughead.

Check out our interview with Lili Reinhart below, and then share with us your hopes for Betty and Bughead in the season to come!

Riverdale will return to the CW for season 4 in the Fall.


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