Lili Reinhart Auditioned For Two Musicals But Didn’t Get The Roles

Not many things shock us, but we have to admit, we didn’t think that Lili Reinhart would have auditioned for these roles.

Netflix Releases Official Trailer for Lili Reinhart’s ‘Look Both Ways’

Lili Reinhart’s Look Both Ways already has us a bit worried — what if we like both possibilities? — but we will still be watching.

‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks About Her Mental Health Struggles

#Riverdale star #LiliReinhart opened up in a TikTok about who helps her with getting out of bed on tough days. Hint: He’s a Cutie!

Lili Reinhart Cast In Netflix Film ‘Plus/Minus’

Most people know Lili Reinhart from the immensely over-dramatic (to a ridiculous level) show called Riverdale. Seriously, not my cup of tea, but to each their own. My favorite role of hers had to be on Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez…

Someone Gave an Interview Impersonating Lili Reinhart And …What?

Lili Reinhart has an impersonator out there, giving interviews for her. Yeah, that’s 2021 for you, weird but at least not destructive?

Lili Reinhart Likes To Sleep And Well… Same

Lili Reinhart likes to sleep and well, same. We get it. So do we.

Lili Reinhart Hopes People See Her As More Than Betty Cooper

It’s hard when people think you are one thing and you have to show them you are more. Lili Reinhart talks about just that.

The ‘Riverdale’ Cast Is Heading Back to Vancouver

Lili Reinhart and the rest of the cast of #Riverdale are heading back to Vancouver for filming.

Lili Reinhart Clarifies Comments She Made In Her Recent Interview

We spend to much time interpreting what people are saying versus actually listening. We should learn to do better.

Lili Reinhart Talks About Her Choice To Come Out As Bisexual

Living your life in the public eye isn’t an easy thing. You open yourself up to a lot of scrutiny and judgement. I for one could not live my life like that. For Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart she has chosen…

‘Riverdale’: The Time is Finally Right for Barchie

Timing is everything, and it’s finally time for Riverdale to explore the romance between Archie and Betty.

Lili Reinhart Tweets About Twitter Trolls And We Stan

Cancel culture is one of the most fucked up things in the world. Twitter is a vile place that can take the life out of you. It’s a place where a bunch of people sit behind their computer screens with…

Lili Reinhart Talks About How She Approaches Instagram

Social Media is a place where everyone seems to want to make like look all put together. But life isn’t put together. No ones life is perfect or even close. But celebrities – well a lot of them – always…

Lili Reinhart Releases An Excerpt From ‘Swimming Lessons!’

Lili Reinhart has written a book of poetry entitled, “Swimming Lessons!“, and we really can’t wait to read it. The Riverdale actress released an excerpt on her Instagram. View this post on Instagram In honor of Valentine’s Day~ here’s a…

‘Riverdale’ Actress Lili Reinhart Is Now A Covergirl

I think we can all agree that Lili Reinhart is a timeless beauty. The Riverdale star is absolutely stunning and insanely talented. The actress has joined the ranks of people like Issa Rae, Zendaya, James Charles, Aysha Curry and more,…

Lili Reinhart Will Release A Book Of Original Poetry

Poetry. Now I will not say that I hate it, because I write it. I find a lot of joy in writing out feelings. And if we’re being honest, I am glad that it’s coming back in popularity, because I…

‘Riverdale’ SDCC Interview: Lili Reinhart Talks Bughead

Lili Reinhart threw shippers a bone. Well, she did that, and then, of course, she threw a conditional there, because she still has a show to promote, and it seems like absolutely everyone is convinced happiness doesn’t sell and we…

Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams Cast In ‘Our Chemical Hearts’

I admit, there are many things that I am watching or interested in, based off casting. Look, I like who I like and I am excited for so many things and I make no apologies for that. Now, I am…