‘Supergirl’ SDCC Interview: Mehcad Brooks & Nicole Maines Preview Season 5

Shortly before San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Mehcad Brooks would be exiting Supergirl during the halfway mark of season 5. It was a shock, but Brooks is moving on to explore a new career opportunity while also carrying with him memories of his time working on Supergirl.

“I’m going to miss it,” Brooks told us. “I knew I was going to miss it pretty badly, but now that this impending deadline is coming, it’s even harder than I thought. These people are my family.”

Last season, Supergirl introduced us to the lovely Nia Nal, who we saw blossom into a reporter and the hero, Dreamer. So what can we expect for Nia coming up?

“So far her storyline has been balancing work, balancing being a hero and then also trying to find her footing in this new relationship with Brainiac,” Nicole Maines told us.

Speaking of romance with Brainy, what can we expect from that relationship in season 5?

“They’re both so different and so unused to anything like this,” Maines said, “and both of them aren’t the best at communicating. So it’s kinda trying to find that balance and trying to figure out how to express themselves.”

Watch our interview with Mehcad Brooks and Nicole Maines, where they preview season 5.

Supergirl returns Oct. 6 on The CW.

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