The first chapter of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths mega crossover kicked off with the Supergirl hour, and you could say that I’m not a happy camper. Not in the slightest. Not when I have to watch my favorite titular DCTV hero die right in front of me without a warning. Honestly, howRead More →


We all have our favorite and least favorite tropes. From love triangles to slow burns, tropes are often the best ways to showcase great characters and storylines. They can also be frustrating and make you question why it is even a trope at all. In this weekly column, we’ll takeRead More →

For a show that prides itself on depicting strong and empowering messages for its audience, Supergirl has a misguided idea of friendship. At least when it comes to Kara and Lena. You can make yourself believe anything if you try hard enough. After watching Supergirl‘s season 5 premiere, I can’t for theRead More →

After months of speculation and sitting on massive cliffhangers, we’re closer to seeing how things unravel in Supergirl season 5, where big changes are on the horizon. And I’m not just talking about Supergirl’s awesome new costume. While I’ve always been cautiously optimistic about any DCTV headed into what’s usually a drawn-outRead More →

Castings can do one of two things – make me happy as fuck or make me want to kick someone. Most of the time I am like, well fuck, anyone can be a casting agent. Then there a lot of times where I get happy over things that happen. WhenRead More →

Have to admit that we’re looking forward to this season of Supergirl. Sure we may not be the biggest fans of the series at times, but we always hold out hope. And the trailer that was released at San Diego Comic Con, we’re even a little more excited. But itRead More →

With the return of Comic-Con means that we’re even closer to the new seasons of our favorite shows. All of those teases in the season finale, answers are imminent. And if there’s one show we have a lot of questions about, it’s Supergirl. Supergirl‘s season finale did a lot to teaseRead More →

As Kara decides to hang up her Supergirl cape, for now, a new hero stepped into the light in this week’s all-new episode of Supergirl, appropriately titled “American Dreamer.” In this fictional reality that has unfolded this season, things have gotten pretty bleak. Lex Luthor is running free, people believeRead More →

Everyone has a weakness. That one thing that can affect you like nothing else. And it tends to stem from an emotional place. In Supergirl’s latest episode, “Crime and Punishment,” there was a focus on these characters’ Kryptonites — the things that can emotionally compromise them. Be it a familyRead More →

We all have them, those couples we wish a show had given us, the OTPs that didn’t end up happening. They don’t even have to be couples the show was actually hinting at, but just two people we saw together and went, hmmm, this could work, for whatever reason. OftenRead More →

Whatever has happened with Supergirl over these past two weeks has been truly a godsend and has found a way to spark a fire underneath this show. Obviously that spark has been the addition of Lex Luthor, who has showed himself to be the true villain of Supergirl’s fourth season.Read More →