I Will Go Down With This Ship: Haylijah

You know how you have that one show in your life that made everything make sense, even if it didn’t make all the sense in the world? When it comes down to it – anything in The Vampire Diaries world qualifies on my list of shows that changed me – that made sense of me.

But part of that is because of the strength of the writing and the ships that were created by the writers.

Hayley and Elijah – in my opinion – is one of the strongest ships to come out of fandom. The way that they loved each other, the way that they fed off each other – hell, the way that they moved in sync was everything .

These two made me believe in the power of the slow burn. They made me believe in taking your time and being devoted in the same breath. They made me believe that it’s okay to let go, even when you’re holding on.

Up until Après Moi, Le Déluge” 1×11, Elijah has only had 2 loves – Katharine and Ava. But if you were watching – you saw the way that he would look at Hayley, and you knew – you just knew that he was in love. This episode solidified what The Originals was. A strong show about family, love, and the power of ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Let’s talk all about Hayley and Elijah. (And let me state right now I’m not going in order – I am just going by the way that things pour out of me.

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The Way They Take Care of Each Other

Remember when the witches cursed Hayley into a heat induced miscarriage. Never hated a witch so much in my life. But I loved Elijah’s response that he was going to save Hayley no matter what it took.

Remember when Klaus bit Elijah and he was going through all the shit that happens after being bit by a hybrid? Remember how Hayley was going to save him – NO MATTER WHAT.

That’s what these two do. They are ride or dies. They are there for each other.

And it’s the kind of backup in life we want. A love so pure that nothing else matters.

Elijah Makes Hayley Breakfast

You may remember in thee first season of The Originals, Elijah made Hayley breakfast. Why is this important? Because for me – it was the moment that I knew. It was the moment that I knew that this was my ship and I would go down with it.

It was the moment that I knew that the simple act of making someone a bowl of cereal could be something that would make me think about love. I think the way that he looked at her made me think that I wanted someone to look at me that way.

Season 1 had a lot of amazing moments – I mean lets all rewatch the kiss in 1×20. But this was that first moment – for me that I knew. And that moment was everything.


The First Sex Scene

I think that 2×09 will forever engrained in my brain. Look, Klaus and Hayley having sex was hot – but Hayley and Elijah. THE WORLD SHOOK.

Hayley initiates sex AFTER Elijah puts her happiness first and tells her to marry Jackson! He lets her go despite his pain and heartache. Hayley takes life by the horns and does what she needs to do.

He tries to take a step back. He tries to be the bigger person. He tries to let her go, but she goes in for it. And I stood up and cheered.

These two belong together and you can never convince me otherwise.


Elijah Remember Hayley

Season 5 was a hard one.

The thing about The Originals was that Elijah seemed to be the one that went through it the most. That man suffered ALL THE TIME. But he held his shit together and I admire that.

But in episode 8 of the season, when Elijah remembers her and breaks down – it was one of the most powerful scenes in The Originals. His vulnerability was moving. His vulnerability and the way he showed how much she affected him.


Hayley and Elijah aren’t perfect. They just feel perfect together.

Elijah loved Hayley – until the moment he died and beyond. Nothing else mattered. She was the loved of his life.


They Are Friends First

Hayley is complicated. She’s been with Klaus, had Hope, her whole werewolf history… there is a lot. But for Elijah, Hayley is easy. Hayley is simple.

Hayley is a part of him that just makes sense. He’s a part of her that makes sense.

These two always felt like they were in love with each other, but the beauty of their relationship is they built it based on a foundation of friendship. They allowed each other to know the best and the worst and they are able to get through it all because of the foundation that they have built.

Their lives have been messed up. Their lives have been anything but normal. But they find solace in each other.

Their friendship will always be a lesson in learning why friendship is an essential foundation.

The Way He Let Her Go

Love isn’t ever easy. It’s honestly one of the best and worst feelings in the world. But there is no thing harder than loving someone and letting them go.

Elijah stepping aside so that Hayley can have a drama free wedding to Jackson – that couldn’t have been easy. To be honest, it broke our hearts. He loved her enough to let her go and put her happiness before his own. The way he loved her, was enough to let her go and that is beautiful.


Why do you love Haylijah?

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