‘Lucifer’ Advance Review: Bigger, Badder & with Less Clothes

Yes, we went there.



And with way less clothes.

Lucifer season 4 – at least for the first six episodes that we got to screen – is, quite possibly, the best this show has ever been. And we know, we know, BIG WORDS, but we stick by them. You can come tweet at us how right we were next week.

The show has always been fun, and touching, and poignant at times, but it feels like everything is, if possible, dialed up to 150% now, (bigger, badder and with way less clothes, we’re telling you), maybe because the show has a few more minutes each episode, or maybe because everyone is feeling the joy of being at Netflix, or hey, maybe because everyone is feeling the joy of, you know, still having a job.

Either way, there’s a sense of taking advantage of this opportunity in every second of the first six episodes, in every instant of Lucifer being, well, Lucifer, in each and every one of Chloe’s Chloe looks, in Maze being Maze, in Trixie being the ray of literal sunshine she always is, and so on.


And there are surprises. Boy, are there. There’s at least one twist I yelled at the TV about, and two more I really didn’t see coming, something very, very difficult to do on a show that’s still very much a procedural, with a different case every week. Not that Lucifer has ever be the most normal of procedurals, and we’ve always loved what it was.

But we don’t mind this evolution. We absolutely don’t. Especially cause it seems like the evolution means we get to see, ahem, more of Tom Ellis, and I will absolutely never complain about that. All the Tom Ellis, please. Less clothes are totally cool with us, Netflix. We promise.

Also, would you mind releasing some gifs of certain, ahem, specific scenes? For like, reasons and science?

We also get more Deckerstar than we got in the last few episodes of season 3, with every episode seemingly bringing a moment of understanding between these two, as they try to figure out what happens next. How do they, and the show, go forward now that Chloe is in on the joke? I, of course, can’t spoil the answer to that question, but I will say going on this journey looking for this answer first and foremost, I feel anything but disappointed at what I say.

To be fair, I feel the same way about almost every plot point, though, from Linda and Maze to Amenadiel, to even Dan and Ella. It’s a weird family we got here, in Lucifer, a mismatched group that shouldn’t work as well as they do, no matter what combination of character ends up sharing the screen, and yet, one we desperately, desperately want to see move forward, together.

I was very, very sad to see Lucifer canceled by FOX after season 3, especially considering the cliffhanger we left on, but I don’t think I’ve been this excited for more since …well, likely since season 1. So if this was a thought experiment, I’m glad to report it worked.

Lucifer is indeed back bigger, badder and with way less clothes than ever.

I’ll leave you with some random notes about the episodes:

  • Though any other show would have just used what happens in Season 4 as an excuse to have them fight each other, Maze and Linda remain friendship goals.
  • You wanted a live interest for Ella? You’ve got two, of sorts.
  • As well as a chance to get deeper look at who Ella is, and what makes her tick.
  • Some expected beats are played in very unexpected ways.
  • Lauren German is absolutely going to make you run through the gamut of the emotions in the first few episodes. Be ready, and with that I mean, you know, invest in ice cream and kleenex.
  • I haven’t always enjoyed the relationship between Linda and Amenadiel, but I enjoyed what I got to see from these two very much.
  • Always wanted to show to go deeper on the religious aspects, get more philosophical? You’re in for a treat.
  • You thought you had Dan Espinosa figured out? Think again.
  • The show once again hits it out of the park when it comes to unexpected characters meshing very well and complimenting each other.
  • Deckerstar fans, get thee a pillow to scream on. You can then use the same pillow to cover your eyes, when needed.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Lucifer season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix on May 8th.

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