‘Set It Up’ stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are reuniting for a new rom-com and we’re stoked!

When the beauty that is the dynamic duo of Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell waltzed into our lives last summer with the Netflix romantic comedy Set It Up, we felt like we’d found what we’d been looking for in pop culture: a return to rom coms. Not just rom-coms but really, really good rom-coms.
Deutch and Powell’s delightfully, witty banter and sizzling chemistry breathed life into what was already a brilliant script, and it became an instant hit.

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We swore we’d do anything — anything — for a chance for these two friends to reunite for another rom-com. A modern-day version of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Give us all the rom-coms and give them all to Deutch and Powell.

Well, Netflix has answered our sweet prayers with another team-up between Deutch and Powell, who will tackle a new rom-com that’s sure to steal our hearts once more. Oh, and did we mention it’s helmed by the same people that brought us the beauty that it Set It Up? 

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The rom-com is tentatively titled Most Dangerous Game, and while plot details aren’t yet known, we know for sure it won’t be a Set It Up sequel, which means that Deutch and Powell will get to dazzle us with their new characters.

“While it was clear that audiences were clamoring for a sequel, we are excited by the thought of creating a new, distinct film that explores different romantic comedy tropes while still being anchored in everything that we loved about the first movie,” said producer Justin Nappi.
“It will be exciting to see Glen and Zoey do something completely different,” added producer Juliet Berman. “We all talked about what we could do again and [Most Dangerous Game] was something that Katie brought to us that was creatively exciting as a next project and we jumped on it.”
Most Dangerous Game is set to go into production in early 2020.
Now, if you’ll excuse us we’re going to rewatch Set It Up for the umpteenth time.

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