When the beauty that is the dynamic duo of Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell waltzed into our lives last summer with the Netflix romantic comedy Set It Up, we felt like we’d found what we’d been looking for in pop culture: a return to rom coms. Not just rom-coms but really, reallyRead More →


I first heard about Max Winkler’s ‘Flower’ almost a year ago when the link to Hollywood Reporter’s review had popped up on my Facebook feed. I read the review, filed it away for a future watch, and forgot about it. In December, the trailer was released. The default image forRead More →

No will ever be good enough for you, according to your father. Your Dad wants the best for you. We can appreciate that. We can appreciate the fact that a father just wants to love you, be there for you, and make sure that you are taken care of. SoRead More →