Have a Devilish Good Time Checking out the ‘Lucifer’ SDCC Trailer

Our favorite devil returns at a new timeslot this fall but it looks like he will still be up to his old tricks. Lucifer’s cast and crew showed up to comic-con with a trailer for season 3 and we have to say : Exciting!!


In the trailer, we get a flashback to the old days of not just Lucifer it looks like but also to a happy Chloe and Detective Dan. In the present , it looks like we’re going to get a lot of interesting team ups. Not only do we see Linda and Chloe bonding over the piano and drinks ( mostly drinks) but a Lucifer/Ella adventure in Vegas baby! And yes there is plenty of Mace killing butt and Amenadiel being Amenadiel. Deckerstar fans ,wait till the end and you will be happy.

Absent from the trailer though is the newest cast member Tom Welling of Smallville fame. He plays the new Lieutenant who may or may not butt heads with Lucifer. We can’t wait for October to get here!


Lucifer returns for season 3 on October 2nd on Fox.

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