Fanfic Friday: Top 10 Tony Stark Survives Fanfics to Help you Live in Denial

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Look, Disney Plus is now out, and our Avengers: Endgame feelings are coming back. Mine, if you recall, were very much of the THIS IS BULLSHIT HOW COULD YOU KILL TONY vibe, and all these months later, I still feel pretty much on the same train. In fact, I’ve taken it one step further. I’ve moved into denial-land.

It’s pretty here, it truly is. Light and airy. Peter and Morgan like to run around together. Tony and Pepper cuddle on the couch a lot. He lets the other Avengers save the world, only interveening on coms here and there, if his tech is needed. A superhero’s retirement.

Just what we wanted.

So, I figured, since I’ve done the research, I should be kind enough to share it with you. We all deserve to live in this denial, after all. So without further ado, here are my top 10 ‘Tony Stark Survives’ fanfics. I’d say this warning is obvious, but I’ll write it down anyway: this is a canon-free zone!

Tomorrow is another day series, by frostysunflowers

Might be my favorite post-Endgame series I’ve read so far. There’s some Tony/Pepper, a lot of Avengers family feels, Tony and Peter, and even Tony and Nebula friendship, which I absolutely didn’t know I needed, but I absolutely did. Most importantly, it’s about moving on, and it’s unbashedly fluffy, while still being funny.

As Real as Anything by sahiya

The multiverse means that for every Peter who lost Tony, there’s one who didn’t. But we like the universes where Tony survives more. Especially the ones where we get Tony comforting Peter feels, and just general domestic goodness.

better together by paperback92

This rewrites the entire movie, and I know what you’re gonna say, this would have been a boring movie, but guess what, this isn’t a movie, it’s just fanfic designed to make me feel good, and by God, it works in that regard. Featuring my favorite Pepper, take-charge, badass Pepper.

Whatever It Takes by StarryKnight09

Of all the Peter somehow saves Tony fics, this one might be my favorite, because it isn’t just a quick yeah, let’s do some timey-wimey shit and fix it, this fic actually goes into the after, into what it means to come back, into how the characters would deal, and not deal. And I’m a sucker for this family, what can I say?

 You’ll find I’m living right (when your hand’s living in mine) by frostysunflowers

A Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-style fix it, which, honestly, would have been my dream ending. Featuring some background from a writer that really, really seems to get the characters, and also very, but present family feels, because of course.

Pepper Potts and the Second Law of Thermodynamics by dixiehellcat

The one where Pepper Potts, and absolutely no one other than Pepper Potts, saves the day. Because hey, if this is fanfic, we’re gonna give Pepper a chance to be the actual badass she deserved to be and the movies never truly had the time to allow her to grow into.

He Goes Home by RegretfulCatSnake

I don’t even want to hear that this makes no sense, in my world Tony Stark could just be stubborn enough to refuse to die. This is based on a comic book, after all, and also, fix-it-fanfic. That’s the whole point of this. If you’re here, you’re probably not looking for common sense, and yet, you likely have much more of that than the writers of Endgame do, anyway.

all endings are also beginnings by closingdoors

A Steve-fixes it fic that absolutely makes sense, and that makes me feel much better about Steve’s ending. This is what I wanted him to be, it really is. But never fear, Tony fans, this isn’t a Steve-centric fic, he just does the right thing and then cue the Iron Family Feels.

Here, At the End of All Things by theredrobin

There was no other way is a lie. There were many other ways. In this, the Avengers come up with one that allows them all to live, and that actually pays homage to the characters they created. Mostly a Tony/team-centered fic, but a good way to fix everything, with some fluff at the end, because of course.

Inevitable by faerialchemist

Because, sometimes, remembering established canon helps fix the problems you create for yourself. Another one of those fics that just make you go like omg yes that makes sense why didn’t they think of that? Plus, you know, happy ending.

What did you think of these fics? Do you have any more to recommend? Share with us in the comments below!

Avengers: Endgame is available to stream on Disney+.

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