Supernatural 12×12: Life Lessons We Learned from ‘Stuck in the Middle (With You)’

Supernatural‘s ‘Stuck in the Middle (With You)’ was a prolonged freak over Castiel being mortally wounded, Mary lying aka putting her family in danger for the pompous BMoL, and the past coming back to haunt us all in the form of yellow-eyed demons, the Colt, and Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer.

This action movie meets Quentin Tarantino style episode was directed by our very own Richard Speight, Jr., best known for his role as the archangel Gabriel and brother to Lucifer. Like in ‘Just My Imagination’, Speight left us with many memorable moments, new mythology to connect with what we already know, and life lessons we won’t soon forget.

1. Don’t Hold Back On Your ‘I Love You’s’

Tell those closest to you how much you love them, how much they have changed your life, and how you are better for having them in it. Don’t wait for the next moment or the next time. Do it now, before it’s too late or before you miss your chance.

2. And Know That Because They Love You In Return, They’ll Fight For You

They’re not just going to toss you aside like yesterday’s news at the first, second, or third sign of trouble. Family stays. They have your back, faith in you when you don’t have enough for yourself, and would never fathom leaving you behind. Like Cas, you’re gonna have to accept that you’re not alone in this.

3. If You’re Going to Smell Someone, Do It Discreetly

There’s no good way to smell someone you’ve only just met, especially in the middle of a crowded diner, and surrounded by your encouraging friends. If you’ve got the guts do it, like Cas here, please make sure to do it as quickly as possible! A move like this is a slap waiting to happen!

4. Never Miss Out On A Teachable Moment

Dean knows that Cas is never going to pick up on Mandy’s flirting. It’s his duty, as is yours, to have his best friends back. Take that inexperienced BFF and give him some life tips to help him out in the moment! To be safe, don’t suggest that he take a whiff of the waitress. That’s just creepy, Dean.

5. Slow Motion Sequences Make You Squad Goals

If you’re going to make an entrance, take your time. Explore all the angels, give everyone a moment to shine, and then wrap it up with a nice side view of your squad. It’s the only way to let others know you mean business. Plus you look pretty cool doing it.

6. Angel Magic Heals All

It’s a truth, universally acknowledged, that angel magic will always heal you of the ugliest ailments out there. Lance wound? Angel magic! Body rotting from the inside out and making you look like a cracked old statue? Angel magic! Currently not available in any stores.

7. Mortal Women = Confusion, Always

Castiel has battled angels, demons, and helped save the world multiple times, but is somehow still confused by mortal women. It’s as if these land mermaids are the one puzzle he’s never been able to crack, complete, or understand. Keep trying buddy. With the help of Dean, maybe you’ll one day figure it out.

8. Threats Don’t Change The Fact You Lied

There’s no use trying to cover up your own guilt with anger at your employer. You lied, Mary. You chose to conceal how you got this mission and you chose not to give up the Colt to save Cas. Sure, you said you almost lost one of your boys, but based on your actions, that didn’t mean Cas. Fess up before the lies grow out of control.

9. When In Doubt, Mic Drop

Crowley is a man of style and flair. He knows that your entrance is just as important as your exit. So make a statement, make some noise, and leave them talking long after you’ve dropped the lance.

10. Lucifer Never Really Dies

Time and time again they’ve tried to destroy Lucifer with no success. God only knows how this particular version, played by Mark Pellegrino, is back. No, seriously. It was probably God trying to make up for what he did to Lucifer in the past. The story of Lucy is far from over.


Supernatural airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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