The ABC’s of Ships: Malec Edition

We’ve long been fans of Cassie Clare’s books. Her books have changed our lives.

One of our favorite ships is Malec. A complicated couple with so much love to give and we can’t get enough of them. So this weeks ABCS of Ships is dedicated to one of the most epic romances ever created – Malec.

A is for All About Love

The thing about Malec is Cassie Clare created what we feel is one of the most iconic couples of all time. The two are as different as can be, but belong together. They make you  believe in love. They make you want to be all about love.

B is for Boyfriends

Magnus and Alec are complicated. Their relationship is anything but easy and we know that it is in part because they are both stubborn. But they belong together, their love was meant to be. They are the ultimate boyfriends.

C is for Clarity

In the world that is complicated, these two find clarity in each other. They make the world seem easy and a little less complicated when they are with each other. They are able to make sense of a complicated world when they are with each other (you know, when they are open with each other).

D is for Destiny

Oh destiny, you ever fickle thing. We can try to avoid you, we can try to out run you, but the thing is you always take place. Parabati’s are one thing, but we’re not talking about that relationship. We are talking about love and these two – their love is destined.

E is for Everything

When we think about a love that is everything, a love that is meant to be, we think of Malec. Their love gives us hope. Their love gives us a reason to believe. Their love is everything.

F is for Finding their Way

We all have to find our way in life. Sometimes it is not easy. Sometimes it’s really damn difficult. But we need to find it for ourselves and for others. Alec and Magnus need to find their way to each other – they need to find their way. And they will. Destiny has a way of working itself out.


G is for Give It To Me

Give me Malec. I love them. But when I say that, I mean give me the scenes with them, give me their story. Stop telling me about the little things, show me the little and the big. Give it all to me.

H is for Helpful

For a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder – love isn’t easy. But these two, no matter what they go through, they are always going to be there for each other in the end. They help each other, they love each other, and that means that no matter what is happening, they are there for each other.

I is for Inspiring

The thing that made me fall for Malec is the way that Cassie Clare wrote them in the books. They have had a struggle, they have been through so much, but at the end of the day – they are inspiring to not only the reader, but to each other. They look past the exterior and they find the best in each other. I am inspired by that.

J is for Just About Everything Stands In Their Way

When you come from two different worlds, everything is difficult. It’s hard to talk about what goes on in their worlds, because their worlds are against each other. But these two believe that there is a better world out there. These two believe that there can be more. So fuck all the things that stand in their way. They will get through them.

K is for Kisses. 

Lord, love me some Malec kisses.

L is for Love, Love, Love

There are ships that make you believe in love and there are ships that you think that love will never be a worthwhile thing. But for Malec, their love is inspiring, their love is beautiful, their love will never end. And we love, love, love it!


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M is for Moments

Sometimes what you need in life are just the little moments. You don’t need the big grand gestures. You need the little moments that make up the big ones. You need the moments that touch your heart. You need the moments that change everything in the easiest of ways and not always the hardest of ways. The little moments, they make up the most special things that make Magnus and Alec’s love one that we would strive to have.

N is for Not Perfect

If Magnus and Alec’s relationship were perfect, we’d be worried. Relationships — the meaningful ones — are all about having fights, disagreeing, and growing stronger for it. Perfection is overrated. Perfection gets you nowhere.

O is for Obviously We Want a Love That Strong

When it comes to Malec, there are no ifs, ands, or buts. This is a love that is strong. This is a love that is withstanding. This is the love that we want.

P is for Possibilities

When we look at Malec, we see a love with so much possibility. How easy it is to forget that, on the show, Magnus and Alec’s relationship is so young. They’ve only been dating a couple of months. There’s thrill in the possibilities that await them. And we’re here for that.

Q is for Quality

Despite the youth of Malec’s relationship, given the background from The Mortal Instruments and what’s to come in season 3, we know that this is a quality relationship. This isn’t a relationship that’s been taken likely by writers or fans. And you can see that.

R is for Respect

While Magnus and Alec certainly don’t agree all the time, you can’t say that they don’t respect each other. Whether that’s in a personal or professional environment, they respect the other’s thoughts and feelings. You can’t have a healthy relationship without respect.

S is for Strength

When you can draw on your romantic partner for strength, you immediately have an edge in the world. Magnus and Alec make each other stronger. Literally and figuratively.

T is for Truth

The truth will set you free. The truth will also test you. But Magnus and Alec are learning what it means to be truthful with each other in every way. Also, they’re meant to be. And that’s the truth.

U is for Understanding

You’re with the wrong person until you find the right person. The right person is the person that makes you feel understood. There’s a definite understanding between Magnus and Alec in terms of their love for each other and what they hope to have together in the future.

V is for Validation

Love isn’t always validated in return. But Magnus and Alec, even in their young relationship, have each validated their love to each other. There’s meaning in that validation. There’s meaning in that love.

W is for Worth It

Despite the heartache coupled with the many ups and downs of a new relationship, the love between Magnus and Alec is withstanding. It’s worth the pain. It’s worth the lows. Because at the end of the day, we know the love that they share.

X is for Xs & Os

Man, oh man, how we live for Malec kisses and hugs. They’re sweet; they’re fierce; they’re loving; they’re everything. We’re still not over their first kiss, which was literal fireworks.

Y is for Youth

Despite the age difference between Magnus and Alec, there’s a certain youth-like quality that you see in their interaction. This is a new love, a young love, and with that comes that fresh excitement.

Z is for Zealous

When it comes to Magnus and Alec, you can’t deny the passion or the enthusiasm or the warmth that comes with their relationship. In their young relationship, we see that love and devotion. And we’re ready for more.

Shadowhunters will return soon on Freeform.

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