‘Arrow’: The ABC’s of Original Team Arrow

Looking back at Arrow’s first season, it was a show I enjoyed but always felt there was something missing. Something that made me care. Something that made me care if I missed an episode. Something that made me care if something happened to these characters. But Original Team Arrow changed everything.

Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak set the precedent for superhero teams on superhero television as the aforementioned Original Team Arrow, a dynamic that has been magic in its inception and exceptional in its execution. Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, and Emily Bett Rickards created the heart of Arrow with the dynamic between Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

While OTA has been lacking in recent history, it doesn’t change the journey that these three characters have traveled together or the many reasons why this dynamic continues to be the heart of this show. There’s so much to love and so much to be thankful for.

We’ve put together a list of ABC’s that reminds us of all the things we love about  Original Team Arrow. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Action.

When it comes to OTA, the one thing that is far from lacking is action. One of the strengths of OTA is how efficiently they operate as a unit. When it’s the three of them, they understand what their roles are. They know what to do, and what to expect from the others. It’s a trust and a comfort level that makes them virtually unstoppable as a unit.

B is for Best.

You don’t get any better than Original Team Arrow. They’re simply the best at what they do. They’ve set the precedent for superhero teams on superhero television.

C is for Chemistry.

The beauty of OTA is that it’s not just something that works on paper. OTA is OTA because of Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, and David Ramsey. Their unique and magical chemistry is what has made OTA what it is: the heart and soul of Arrow. They play off of each other so well, and they’re literal magic to watch. After all, we’ve seen what “no chemistry” looks like on Arrow *cough* Oliver & Laurel *cough*, and it’s not pretty.

D is for Diggle.

John Diggle. The greatest man to ever exist (sorry, Oliver, but you’d agree with me.) Diggle is the voice of reason among the group, and he’s such an important and vital member of the team. Can you Dig it?

E is for Entertaining.

When we say we’d watch an entire season just focused on Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity, we mean it. These three together are so magical and so damn entertaining to watch.

F is for Felicity.

The best surprise to ever happen to Arrow was Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak. Her chemistry with Stephen Amell, and subsequently David Ramsey, ignited the phenomenon we know as Original Team Arrow. As Diggle repeatedly says, Felicity is one of the strongest people in the world. Her wit, bravery, and conviction are just part of what makes Felicity a staple on Arrow and OTA.

G is for Green Arrow.

You can’t have Original Team Arrow without the Arrow himself! If it weren’t for Oliver’s plan for revenge, which eventually turned into a mission of justice for Oliver and Diggle and Felicity, then we wouldn’t have an Arrow. And we wouldn’t have an Original Team Arrow. While Oliver isn’t perfect, he’s evolved into a hero that aims to do good instead of just to seek revenge.

H is for Humor.

There’s no group funnier than the combination of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Early Season 2 especially showcased just how magical and humorous it is when you throw these three characters together. When you have a show as dark as Arrow is, you need that levity to not overwhelm your audience. And OTA brought — and when allowed continues to bring — that humorous element to the show.

I is for Iconic.

Original Team Arrow is what superhero teams aspire to be. They’re iconic in every sense.

J is for Journey.

These three have been through a lot as a team. Through five years, we’ve seen Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go from strangers to friends (and for Oliver and Felicity, romantic partners.) There’s so much history here between these three friends, both good and bad. But it’s this journey they’ve traveled together and apart that’s led them to this beautiful dynamic.

K is for Kickass.

Show me a more kickass trio than Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. That’s what I thought. Individually, you don’t want to mess with these three. But together? You’re just asking for a beatdown.

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L is for Life-Changing.

As in, everything changed when Oliver brought Diggle and Felicity aboard Team Arrow. This dynamic wasn’t just life-changing for Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity, but it was life-changing for Arrow as we know it. OTA ignited a spark and a heart that Arrow was terribly missing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

M is for Magical.

How do you describe the relationship between Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Simply, magical. It almost feels like we’re dreaming sometimes when we really think about how lucky we have been to be graced by OTA.

N is for Natural.

Perhaps the most important thing that has made Original Team Arrow the success that it’s been is just how organic the dynamic is between Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. That natural chemistry between the actors is what has defined the success of this partnership. It just feels like you’re watching real people. You never have to question the dynamic. It’s as natural as a cool summer breeze.

O is for Olicity.

Without Original Team Arrow, there would be no Olicity. So, naturally, we’re incredibly thankful to OTA and how those relationships within it have developed. We’ve gotten to watch Oliver and Felicity’s beautiful journey to find each other as they went from strangers to partners to friends to lovers. Forever grateful.

P is for Protection.

When it comes to keeping each other safe, Original Team Arrow will do whatever it takes to protect one another. Whether that’s physical protection or hacking into a secret government agency or providing emotional support, OTA have always got each other’s backs. And it’s so damn beautiful.

Q is for Queen Consolidated.

Ah, the good ol’ days of Original Team Arrow at Queen Consolidated. Season 2, which was arguably the best season of Arrow, prominently featured QC, as well as the shenanigans that ensued at the company. It’s made for some amazing OTA moments in Seasons 1 and 2, and we’ll forever miss it.

R is for Respect.

One of the defining aspects of a relationship is respect. If you don’t have it, that relationship isn’t going to amount to much. Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity don’t only work well together, they respect each other wholeheartedly. You can see it in their interactions. You can feel it as an underlying aspect to the recipe for that dynamic’s success. And it’s a beautiful thing.

S is for Sacrifice.

This isn’t a loose term you can just toss around. It’s . And we’ve seen how Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity have sacrificed for each other and in the name of what’s best for the team and Star City. That is the sign of true heroes.

T is for Trust.

When push comes to shove, there is no one on Arrow that trust each other the way Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity trust each other. They’ve put their lives in each other’s hands more times to count. This isn’t an ordinary level of trust. This is the kind of trust that comes with five years of love and understanding. It was trust, after all, why Diggle and Felicity joined Oliver.

U is for Understanding.

One of the many beautiful things about Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity’s relationship is the level of understanding that they have with each other. While they don’t always agree with each other’s choices, they can understand why they make those decisions. They’ve spent five years together, and with that time has come an understanding of their faults and strengths that has made their dynamic all the more strong.

V is for Valiant.

When it comes to OTA, they’ve shown us that you don’t need a mask to be a hero. You don’t need a costume to possess the courage and determination that come with being a hero. Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity all possess that courage and tenacity that make them true heroes in a world where people assume just having a costume makes you one.

W is for Why Aren’t You Utilizing Them More?

Arrow’s second season was easily its best, and one of the defining aspects of that was the dynamic between Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. That season thrived off Original Team Arrow as a well-oiled machine as they infused emotion and humor into their scenes and this show. The rest, as they say, is history. So why has Arrow seemingly abandoned that magic? OTA seems to be forgotten on a show that focuses too much on masks and not enough on heart. It’s a damn shame, because you’re wasting magic.

X is for Xs & Os.

Romance and Bromance. We’re all about that when it comes to Original Team Arrow. Oliver and Felicity developed a beautiful romance over their meaningful journey together, and we’ve also seen the bromance between Oliver and Diggle that has made our hearts full. Then you have Diggle and Felicity’s beautiful romance. Every hug, every kiss, we just feel whole.

Y is for Yum.

I mean, just look at these three glorious and attractive people. As individuals, they’re fine as hell. As a team, they’re also fine as hell. Yep, yum pretty much covers it.

Z is for Zingers.

Ah, no one does humor like Original Team Arrow. And the many zingers that Felicity and Diggle — hell, even Oliver! — have brought us over these past five years have given us life. Forever not over, “It feels good having you inside of me.”

Have your own ABCs of Original Team Arrow? Sound off in the comments!

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