When we last left Team Arrow, they were left reeling with the bombshell that Oliver Queen admitted to the world that he was in fact the Green Arrow, which found Oliver locked away in a Supermax and the team left wondering: What next? In Oliver’s absence, Team Arrow is minusRead More →


It’s Team Felicity vs. Team Arrow on the next all-new episode of Arrow (airing April 26.) The episode, titled “Dangerous Liaisons,” features Felicity and Helix against Oliver and Team Arrow as both set their sights on capturing Adrian Chase. While both Felicity and Oliver have a common goal, they’re bothRead More →

With Team Arrow down to just Oliver and Felicity when season five begins, this season on Arrow we’re going to see Felicity wanting to create a new team with Diggle and Thea out of commission. One of those new members that Oliver will help train is Felicity’s bestie Curtis Holt,Read More →