Kat McNamara Talks About Mia Smoak Becoming The Green Arrow

I don’t really watch all the DC shows, but I do watch Arrow. I love the show and have really loved the addition of Kat McNamara to the cast.

The role of Mia Smoak was one she was born to play.

If you’ve been watching the annual DC show crossovers, you know that there is a lot going on. One of those things being that Oliver Queen gave his daughter her own Green Arrow suit.

But what did star Kat McNamara think about Mia getting the suit?

“I think it’s really overwhelming for her,” Katherine said in an interview with ET. “She’s certainly never thought of herself as a hero or being worthy of taking on that mantle, given her checkered past and her relationship with the vigilantes, and with this team… Creating that element of that redemption story that he has, she sort of mirrors that in a way.”

“And it’s something that she understands, you know, much in the same way that, in enjoying the show, I understand the legacy that Steven and/or Oliver had built,” she continued. “It becomes a really interesting turn in the character, and having someone so different and yet so similar take on this mantle.”

We think that there is no one better to carry on the legacy. We’re excited to see where Mia Smoak goes.

Are you?

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