‘Heels’ 1×08 Review: “Double Turn”

In Heels 1×08 “Double Turn” Jack must face all his lies … and the consequences of them. And that’s never easy. Time for review!

‘Heels’ 1×07 Review: “The Big Bad Fish Man”

Heels 1×07 “The Big Bad Fish Man” takes a step back in getting us emotional but makes us identify with the characters. Time for review!

‘Heels’ 1×06 Review: “House Show”

Heels 1×06 “House Show” got us emotional and made us shed some tears. Finally, this show touched our hearts. Time for review!

‘Heels’ 1×05 Review: “Swerve”

Heels 1×05 “Swerve” has emotional conflicts while the emotions in the ring increase but they still cannot reach our hearts. Time for review!

‘Heels’ 1×04 Review: “Cutting Promos”

#Heels is all about growth and this episode – Ace and Staci both showed what growth is. As some characters find their growth, some fall apart. Read our review.

‘Heels’ 1×03 Review: “Cheap Heat”

The problem with #Heels is that it’s moving so slow, establishing no real connectivity to the characters and jumping all over the place.

‘Heels’ 1×02 Review: “Dusty Finish”

In Ep.2 of #Heels we have become emotionally invested in Jack and Ace and want to see them repair their relationship.

‘Heels’ 1×01 Review: “Kayfabe”

#Heels gives an inside look at wrestling, sure. But what it doesn’t give us is an emotional investment. We’re meh about the series premiere. Read the review –

‘Heels’ Releases New Trailer And Key Art For Season 1

STARZ released the official trailer and key art for Heels and announced the show will be part of Comic-Con@Home 2021. Take a look!

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 9

Highlights of day 9 at ATX TV Festival were The Bold Type, White Lotus, Speech & Debate, Blindspotting and The Big Leap. We review top moments

Stephen Amell Talks ‘Speech And Debate’, ‘Arrow’, Olicity & ‘Heels’

ATX TV Festival starts tomorrow! We interview Stephen Amell about his Speech And Debate: Legacy panel, Arrow, Heels, and of course, Olicity.

‘Arrow’ Had The Perfect Ending To Me

Dear Arrow, I will start by saying that I am not a comic book person. I know nothing about Arrow from the comic books. I know nothing about canon. I know nothing about the way the world is supposed to…

Goodbye, Arrow. Goodbye

Please don’t ever come back. Into my life, into the world, into existence. Please, let me forget I ever invested my life into something that was going to end up being so …unsatisfying. I hated Tony Stark’s death. It soured…

‘Arrow’ Series Finale Review: “The Last Bow”

We are back, for the last time. It seems incredible that 8 years ago we started a journey that ends here today, with “The Last Bow.” It seems like yesterday … but the journey ends here with an emotional and…

‘Arrow’: Oliver Queen Deserved A Happy Ending

For its entire eight season run, Arrow has been a superhero show masked in darkness. Much like its hero, who managed to find his way out of the darkness and into the light and proved himself to be a true…

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Olicity Edition

Ships. In entertainment, and especially, in fandom, we live and die by them. Which is why every Friday, we’ll be focusing on a couple, analyzing why we ship them, and overall, just proclaiming our eternal love for those couples that…

‘Arrow’ 8×09 Review: “Green Arrow and the Canaries”

We return to the normal routine! After Crisis, Arrow returns with a pilot episode for its next spin off, set in Star City 2040. “Green Arrow and the Canaries” brings us more than just a cool logo. It shows us…

‘Arrow’ 8×08 Review: “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four”

We‘re back! After the Christmas break, the crossover is back on Arrow 8×08 with “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four.”  The episode has been one of the worst of this entire crossover.  A boring and chaotic episode, where only the last minutes are…

Stephen and Robbie Amell’s ‘Code 8’ To Be A Series On Quibi

If you are like us, you love yourself some Amell’s. Doesn’t matter which one – they are all talented and if we’re being honest, easy on the eyes. You may recall that Robbie and Stephen Amell had a short film…

Kat McNamara Talks About Mia Smoak Becoming The Green Arrow

I don’t really watch all the DC shows, but I do watch Arrow. I love the show and have really loved the addition of Kat McNamara to the cast. The role of Mia Smoak was one she was born to…

‘Arrow’ 8×07 Review: “Purgatory”

We’re here again! This week Arrow delights us with “Purgatory,” the best episode of the show. It is a complete hour, full of emotional conflicts, goodbyes, tributes to Oliver’s entire journey and tears because yes, they have managed to move…