When we last left Oliver Queen, he was locked away in prison after he confessed to Star City – and the world – that he was the Green Arrow. It felt like the close of one chapter – as Oliver’s secret identity was no more – and the beginning ofRead More →


To say that I thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode of Arrow would be a gross understatement. This episode reminded me of all of the reasons I love Arrow. And none of them had to do with the wannabes that must never be named again. “Doppleganger” reminded me of the showRead More →

You know we have a love for DC Television that we make no apologies for. Who can blame us? We’ve been with Arrow through the good and the bad and we don’t plan on deserting anytime soon. Actually if anything, they’ve made us love them more. Why? Because Roy HarperRead More →

Colton Haynes is a role model to us all, is what we’ve always said. And the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) agrees. The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and queer equality. Today, they announced that Haynes would be honored with the HRC VisibilityRead More →

While Arsenal might’ve bid Team Arrow and Star City goodbye at the end of season 3, Roy Harper lives on just out of reach in the Arrowverse making him ripe for a return when possible. Colton Haynes made a guest spot during this season (“Unchained,” episode 4×12) as his characterRead More →

San Andreas. The movie was a hit even though we would have loved more Colton Haynes in it. The news though – we’re getting a sequel so there is a chance for redemption. Yes – don’t get us wrong we love The Rock and Alexandra Daddario. Sure, we’re not lookingRead More →

In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, Arrow has been on a remarkable streak of episodes that is reminscient of its sensational run in season two equipped with as much heart-stopping action as actual heart with the relationships that keep us forever tethered to this show. And Wednesday’s episodeRead More →