I don’t really watch all the DC shows, but I do watch Arrow. I love the show and have really loved the addition of Kat McNamara to the cast. The role of Mia Smoak was one she was born to play. If you’ve been watching the annual DC show crossovers,Read More →


We’re here again! This week Arrow delights us with “Purgatory,” the best episode of the show. It is a complete hour, full of emotional conflicts, goodbyes, tributes to Oliver’s entire journey and tears because yes, they have managed to move us and reach our hearts. Such episodes are the onesRead More →

Welcome one more week to another Arrow review!  “Prochnost” is a very complete and rounded episode, that gave us a trip to Russia, a reunion with an old friend and many feelings brought to the surface, as well as revealed truths.  Let’s comment everything! Here we go! Seeing Oliver tellRead More →

Is this karma? Are we being punished? Because it sure as hell feels like it. Kat McNamara has joined the cast of Arrow in a recurring role. She is joining the show for the first half of season 7 as Maya, a street fighter and thief from Star City. Lord,Read More →

Slowly but surely, Shadowhunters seems to be finding its stride. In this second season, the cinematography has been good, the acting has gotten much better, the script has improved considerably since the premiere, and the plot isn’t totally dumb anymore. I’m still apprehensive because I’ve been burned by this showRead More →

I didn’t have high expectations for Iron Sisters, the sixth episode of Shadowhunters season 2. But as I’ve learned over my one year of watching and writing about this show, the lower my expectations, the better the show is probably going to be. It’s the way of Shadowhunters, you see.Read More →

Shadowhunters is at its best when it focuses on its characters, and Dust and Shadows demonstrated that. The character moments were amazing: Jace and Clary’s chemistry continues to be amazing, Alec just about stole every scene he was in, and Isabelle… we’ll get to Isabelle later. We’re talking positives rightRead More →

I went into episode four, Day of Wrath, with more hope than I’ve had about Shadowhunters in a very long time. This was the first episode with the new show-runners, who I’d heard pretty good things about. I wasn’t expecting a drastic change in plot and dialogue, but I wasRead More →

Remember episode three of the first season? I’m not trying to bring up bad memories, I promise. I know nobody could ever forget the total shitshow that was 1×03, or the controversy and drama that arose from it. The point is that my most vivid memory about that episode wasRead More →

With every new season of any show, comes the possibility for change. I’ve seen a lot of change coming to Shadowhunters and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that we (Fangirlish) were welcoming it with open arms. The Mortal Instruments book series always deserved better than theRead More →

The first season of Shadowhunters has just wrapped up, and despite a few problems, it’s safe to say that, ratings-wise, it was a success. The show has already been renewed for a second, 20 episode long season, and many fans are eager to see how our favourite characters will react toRead More →

The first season of Shadowhunters draws to a close tonight with Morning Star, which will apparently finish with a shocking cliffhanger that wasn’t in the books. We’re a little nervous!   Shadowhunters (1×13): “Morning Star” Tuesday, April 5, 9pm, Freeform Synopsis:  Jace, who is still reeling from everything that hasRead More →

Just when we thought that Shadowhunters was finding it’s stride – this past weeks episode, Bad Blood, left us with a sour taste in our mouth. While we thought that Alberto gave an epic performance and that Kat’s performance was moving – there was one thing that sent us allRead More →

Today is all about the Shadow World. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lady Midnight was released this morning,  the same day of the premiere of the 9th episode of Shadowhunters. The big question: will we be able to tear our eyes away from Lady Midnight for longRead More →