‘Arrow’ Last Day: “The One with Arrow’s Going Away Party”

Today is the day, family! Arrow has finished filming forever and, although there are still episodes left, depression has come in a wave. We haven’t yet recovered from the tears of last night. We’re trying to deal in the best way possible: watching videos about the show on YouTube. But while we take a break to hydrate again, why don’t we get depressed together doing a review of all the goodbyes from the cast?

There have been many actors and producers who have given their last goodbye to the show that changed their lives (and ours) forever.

It’s wonderful when fellow professionals recognize your hard work.

But what is the best thing that Arrow leaves us? Fandom! We’re like the FBI, and we can find out EVERYTHING from a simple photo.

And we know how to unite like nobody else to get through the grief. Enjoy all the milestones of this series through our second family.

Today is a difficult and bittersweet day. It’s a debate between the pride of what has been achieved and the sadness of having to let it go. The show has had its ups and downs, but from here we want to say a big THANK YOU to all the cast and crew who are behind the series and have made it possible. Our lives have been a little better thanks to all of you.


Arrow airs on Tuesday on The CW at 9 pm.

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