‘Outlander’: The ABC’s of Jamie and Claire

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One of the most epic romances ever, Outlander’s Jamie and Claire have been making audiences swoon since 1991. From Diana Gabaldon’s iconic and breathtaking series of novels to a TV series that allows the characters to leap off the page, Outlander has given us a romance that is forever.

Jamie and Claire show that love indeed conquers time and space. Separated by centuries, this couple never stops searching for each other. Their romance is fate, simple as that. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have brought this epic romance to TV and we couldn’t have asked for a better Jamie or Claire.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Jamie and Claire. We could go on forever about our love for this couple because the letters in the alphabet are just the tip of the iceberg for our favorite Outlander couple.


A is for Always

No matter where they are in time, Jamie and Claire will always find their way back to each other. Whether it’s Claire coming through the stones the first time or trying to back to Jamie years later, this couple will never stop finding each other again and again. Jamie and Claire will always love each other no matter what.

B is for Brianna

Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna is an important part of this couples love story. Prior to the Battle of Culloden, Jamie sends Claire back through the stones to ensure his future child’s safety. While Claire raised Brianna with Frank, she’s every bit Jamie’s child. Just look at the red hair. Brianna is a strong, independent girl, who is the product of true love. Simple as that.

C is for Craigh Na Dun

Craigh Na Dun sent Claire to Jamie in the first place and ever since it has been an important location in their romance. First, Claire returns to Craigh Na Dun to make the important decision that she chooses Jamie over Frank. Then, Jamie makes the ultimate sacrifice to send Claire back through the stones to ensure her safety during the Battle of Culloden. Now going into season three, Claire returns to Craigh Na Dun with Brianna and Roger to try to find a way back to Jamie.

D is for Domesticated

When Jamie and Claire aren’t trying to change history or fighting for their lives, they manage to be the most adorable, domestic couple ever. In season two when they moved to Paris to try to stop the Battle of Culloden, they still managed to find moment of adorable domestic bliss. Between fantasizing about their future home and child, domestic Jamie and Claire is pretty adorable.


E is for Effortless

Their love is effortless. Jamie and Claire may have taken a little while to become a couple, but even when they were friends it was effortless. The two of them just connect on another level and it shows on every page of Diana Gabaldon’s novels and in every scene on the TV show. Effortless.

F is for Faith and Fergus

One is their biological child, one might as well be. A true moment of sorrow for Jamie and Claire is when Claire loses their first child, Faith. Not only is the scene sob worthy on the page, but Caitriona Balfe delivers an award worthy and gut wrenching performance in season 2. Faith will always be with Jamie and Claire. Fergus is another important figure in Jamie and Claire’s love story. Their adopted son, Fergus looks up to Jamie and will protect Claire with his life. Jamie and Claire wouldn’t be the same without Faith and Fergus.

G is for Gorgeous

Could these two be more attractive? The answer is no. Jamie and Claire are gorgeous inside and out and that’s one reason we love them. They bring out the best in each other and are just gorgeous human beings.

H is for Home

“Someone asked me to describe home and i started talking about your hair color and the sound of your voice and the taste of your lips and how your skin feels like until i realized
they had expected to hear a place.” Claire maybe far away from the world she grew up in, but her and Jamie have made a home together. Whether it’s in Scotland or France or wherever life takes them, Jamie and Claire are each other’s homes. Their love is the most important thing.


I is for “I love you”

An important step in any relationship, Jamie and Claire saying “I love you” to each other is swoon worthy. While their wedding night may have been arranged and met with some internal conflict from Claire, eventually they both realize the undeniable love they have for each other. We’re pretty sure our hearts were beating out of our chest when we heard Claire say “I love you” the first time.

J is for “Je Suis Prest”

“I am ready.” The Clan Fraser motto and we’re pretty sure one of the most romantic thing Jamie Fraser has ever uttered to Claire. We would follow Jamie anywhere and when he’s ready to march into battle, Claire is right behind him, like we would be.

K is for Kissing

Outlander is known for some of the most steamy sex scenes on TV. Jamie and Claire kissing are some of the hottest moments on the TV series. Jamie and Claire would move mountains for each other and seeing them showing their affection for each other just warms our hearts.

L is for Lallybroch

Our favorite estate in all of Scotland, Lallybroch or “Broch Tuarach” is a quintessential location for Jamie and Claire’s love story. When Claire first visits Lallybroch with Jamie, she steps into his entire world. From meeting Jenny, Ian and their children to learning about his beloved father, Jamie lets Claire into his world. Lallybroch is important to this epic romance.


M is for Murtagh

Let’s be honest, Murtagh is captain of the Jamie and Claire ship. If we could give him a sash to honor his efforts in keeping our ship alive, we would. Murtagh is a great friend to both Jamie and Claire and they would be nowhere without his undying devotion to them.

N is for Natural

Their chemistry is natural. Jamie and Claire fall into place and bring out the best in each other. It’s hard to imagine a time where they aren’t together because their relationship is natural and the very fabric of Outlander.

O is for OTP

We watched Jamie and Claire’s love blossom on screen as they embarked on a life together. The very definition of a “one true pairing.” While Claire may have been with Frank, that was another lifetime ago. Jamie is her one true love and he’s Claire’s. Jamie and Claire literally bend time and space to be with each other. The OTP of our dreams.

P is for Passion

We’re pretty sure no couple can be more passionate than Jamie and Claire. In such a short period of time, they’ve become a love story that is passionate, sexy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and everything in between. Jamie and Claire’s passionate radiates off the screen week after week.


Q is for Quintessential

Jamie and Claire are the very definition of “quintessential.” They are the most perfect example of a couple that will do anything for each other. They even put their own lives on the line for each other. There is never any doubt about them as a couple and although they’ve gone through some rough patches, they always make their way back to each other. Jamie and Claire are perfect to say the very least.

R is for Resilience

While every OTP goes through their share of hardship, Jamie and Claire have endured some of the worst hardships on TV. Heading into season three they are literally separated by centuries, but Jamie and Claire are each others one true loves. They will persist and find each other. Jamie and Claire have resilience in spades.

S is for Scotland

Where their love story began, Scotland will always remind us of Jamie and Claire. From the moment Claire stepped through the stones in Craigh Na Dun, she was transported into another world where she meets the love of her life. While Jamie and Claire are the central characters on Outlander, Scotland’s beautiful scenery and rich history acts as a third main character.

T is for Trust

No matter what obstacle is placed in front of them, Jamie and Claire always put all their trust in each other. They follow each other into battle without question because they trust one another 110%. Whether it’s Jamie marching into the Battle of Culloden or Claire wanting to change the past, they will do it together.


U is for United

Especially in season two, Jamie and Claire represent a united front. When trying to change the outcome of the Battle of Culloden, Jamie and Claire are united on decisions as they try to change their fate and those whose fate lies on Culloden Moor. These two stand beside each other as a united group.

V is for Valiant

While Jamie and Claire are valiant together, what makes them such a great couple is they are strong and valiant alone as well. Claire is a strong female character, that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. It’s what we love about her and we aspire to be like her everyday. Jamie is headstrong and willing to do anything to keep his family, especially Claire, safe. Jamie and Claire are valiant together, but also apart.

W is for Wedding Night

The first big step in their romantic relationship, Jamie and Claire’s wedding night remains one of the biggest episode on Outlander. One of the steamiest sex scenes EVER, Jamie and Claire on their wedding night is one of the most iconic moments on the show. From Jamie admitting to Claire he’s a virgin to the hottest sex, Jamie and Claire’s wedding night is one for the ages.

X is for X’s & O’s

Even while trying to save the clans from the Battle of Culloden or battling Black Jack Randall, Jamie and Claire find time to give us some adorable hugs, kisses and everything beyond. Throwing in a steamy make out session from these two has never been a problem for Outlander and we thank them every single day for it. I mean, just look how adorable these two are!


Y is for Years Apart

Centuries can’t stop Jamie and Claire’s love and that will be proven going into season 3 of Outlander. As they continue to search for each other, Jamie and Claire’s relationship will be pushed, but they’re the strongest couple we know. The universe can’t stop these two from finding each other.

Z is for Zealous

Passionate. Devout. Committed. Fierce. All these words describe Jamie and Claire’s relationship perfectly. We love them and can’t wait to see where they go and how their relationship grows for years to come.


Outlander returns with brand-new episodes on September 10th at 8/7c on Starz

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