'Supergirl': The ABCs of Sanvers

Supergirl’s Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer were one of the most satisfying surprises last season. They were a couple we didn’t see coming until Maggie made her debut. But the chemistry was instantaneous and compelling. Suddenly, we were looking at our next OTP.

Their beautiful relationship was depicted truthfully and intricately. Unlike other shows that depict same-sex couples, Sanvers was allowed to just be themselves in a relationship. Because while the representation is important, it’s equally important to depict same-sex couples in an honest light. Alex and Maggie were allowed to be in a relationship, experiencing all the ups and downs that come with a relationship. It was simply beautiful.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Sanvers. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Always.

While Alex and Maggie might’ve just come into our lives this past year, there’s a sense that their love is a love that will last forever. No matter the hardships, Alex and Maggie’s love is enough to withstand the test of time. They’re our always.

B is for Badass.

Alex and Maggie are both incredibly passionate, emotional, intelligent, and beautiful women. But they’re also incredibly badass, as in you don’t want to mess with them both yet alone them as individuals. They’re the epitome of strong on their own but stronger together.

C is for Chemistry.

It’s one thing to be a couple on screen, it’s something else entirely to bring that to life in a way that’s filled with so much raw emotion and chemistry that it feels like you’re watching two real people instead of two fictional characters. Alex and Maggie have that chemistry that makes their relationship thrive.

D is for Dependable.

When it comes to having a partner in life, you need to be able to trust them with your life. Alex and Maggie have depended on each other in their professional lives, as well as their personal lives, that only makes their relationship stronger. When someone has your back, it makes you all the more stronger.

E is for Enough.

Life is full of ups and downs; good and bad; wins and losses. But sometimes love is enough to counteract all the struggles that life can throw your way. Alex and Maggie have always been enough for each other. Their love has always been enough.

F is for Firsts.

Alex and Maggie have shared so many “firsts” together, and I don’t think we’ve ever been as compromised by the word “firsts” ever. There’s so much these two women have experienced together for the first time, and the beautiful thing is there are so many more firsts in their future.

G is for Glow.

The way that Alex and Maggie just light up around each other is something that does not go unnoticed. Just being in each other’s orbit is enough to make a bad day better, enough to make a good day the best day. Just gazing upon each other is enough to bring a smile to their face that just illuminates them in happiness.

H is for Honesty.

Opening up about your deepest, darkest secrets is something that’s incredibly hard to do. But it’s essential in a healthy relationship. From the beginning, we’ve seen Alex and Maggie be able to do just that as they’ve confessed things about themselves that they hadn’t before. Even though it’s hard. Even though it scares them. Being honest with each other is that important to them.

I is for Iconic.

Lesbian couples on TV are few and far in between. And when they do pop up, shows don’t take the time to properly develop them or give them the same milestones as heterosexual relationships. That’s not so for Sanvers. They’ve developed and grown together over time, hitting their milestones and roadblocks, to become an iconic lesbian couple that people can aspire to be like and relate to.

J is for Joyous.

This letter is dedicated more to the fans who watch and fall in love with Sanvers a little more each and every single week. It’s filled us with so much joy and happiness to see them fall in love, struggle, and succeed against everything that comes their way.

K is for Kindness.

Living the lives they do isn’t an easy thing. There are threats left and right that push at them to change who they are and lose that kindness inside of them and that they have for each other. Fortunately, they don’t lose it. They continue to try to understand, be there for each other, and treat the other with as much kindness as they deserve.

L is for Laughter.

The ability to tease and joke around with each other is at the core of every great relationship. You know what pulls a peal of laughter from your partner, what they enjoy, and how to make them smile like the sun. The fact that Sanvers has this, grounds them and makes them even more relatable.

M is for Marriage.

Alex didn’t ask Maggie to marry her because things got dangerous and she’s scrambling to fill her life with all the good she can. She proposed to Maggie because she doesn’t want to waste a second not married to this woman. She’s happy and wants to revel in the love that they share.

N is for Natural.

Nothing is forced with them. Even from the very first moment they met, their was this playful back and forth, chess game of word play, that felt natural and like they’d done it before. And as they got to know each other and become more intimate, we got to see that Alex and Maggie complimented each other and proved to be naturals at providing what the other didn’t have.

O is for Oneness.

At first glance these two women are different kind of people. Yes, being together comes natural to them and they compliment each other, but they’re different. After working together and being put in a couple tough spots, they quickly realized that those differences are their strength and what makes them come together and be an amazing team.

P is for Perseverance.

The path to falling in love wasn’t picture perfect for these two. But despite their personal issues or whatever alien, kidnapper, or problem that came at them…they kept trying! They kept fighting for what they had and it made them stronger for it.

Q is for Quiet.

The little moments where you can cuddle up with someone are just as important as the ones on the field where you’re fighting for your life on Supergirl. Moments like this where Alex and Maggie are curled up together speak of comfort, of trust, and of knowing that they can let their walls down and be safe with the person beside them.

R is for Respect.

Because Alex and Maggie’s relationship is built on a solid foundation of respect. Yes, they love each other and yes, they support each other and they push each other to be better, but above all things, they respect who the other is and what the other does. That’s the foundation of every successful relationship.

S is for Sanvers.

Need we say more?

T is for Together.

None of that I’m leaving you for your own good or you’d be better off without me crap, Alex and Maggie face life’s obstacles together, the way it should be. They’re not co-dependant, or anything or the sort, but they still recognize that the time for being alone is over – they’re partners now, and that’s how they face life.

U is for Unstoppable.

Alex and Maggie don’t have superpowers – unlike many of the other heroes on this show. But that doesn’t mean they’re not forces of nature, that doesn’t mean they back down, and that doesn’t mean that, together, they’re not unstoppable.

V is for for Vulnerable.

Alex never truly knew what opening herself up and being truly vulnerable in front of someone else was, at least not till she met Maggie. Maggie opened her heart up for Alex, even though her brain was telling her not to, even though it was scary. And that’s beautiful …that they’re comfortable enough to be vulnerable together.

W is for Wedding.

The one they’ll hopefully have and we’ll get to see, both of them dressed in white or in purple or in whatever color they choose. They’ve already broken so many stereotypes, given us so much joy with the way their relationship has been portrayed and acted, and this would just be the cherry on top of a very large sundae.

X is for X-Ray Vision.

Though not really, not like Kara’s. That doesn’t mean these two don’t see right through each other, and not in the bad way, but in that awesome way that couples have when they know each other inside and out.

Y is for Years.

And years, and years together. Because that’s what we want for them. A life together, a full life, one with ups and downs and arguments and joy. They deserve to be more than a vignette in each other’s life.

Z is for Zenith.

Because though they’re not the only LGBTQI couple on TV, and they’re not the only one who’s journey we’re getting to see, they’re our favorite.
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