After months of speculation and sitting on massive cliffhangers, we’re closer to seeing how things unravel in Supergirl season 5, where big changes are on the horizon. And I’m not just talking about Supergirl’s awesome new costume. While I’ve always been cautiously optimistic about any DCTV headed into what’s usually a drawn-outRead More →


As Kara decides to hang up her Supergirl cape, for now, a new hero stepped into the light in this week’s all-new episode of Supergirl, appropriately titled “American Dreamer.” In this fictional reality that has unfolded this season, things have gotten pretty bleak. Lex Luthor is running free, people believeRead More →

Everyone has a weakness. That one thing that can affect you like nothing else. And it tends to stem from an emotional place. In Supergirl’s latest episode, “Crime and Punishment,” there was a focus on these characters’ Kryptonites — the things that can emotionally compromise them. Be it a familyRead More →

Whatever has happened with Supergirl over these past two weeks has been truly a godsend and has found a way to spark a fire underneath this show. Obviously that spark has been the addition of Lex Luthor, who has showed himself to be the true villain of Supergirl’s fourth season.Read More →

Supergirl returned from a two-week hiatus just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in its own unique way. Heart-eating alien, anyone? I don’t know about you, but that just screams Valentine’s Day perfection. In “Menagerie,” Supergirl and co. dealt with the aforementioned heart-eating alien as Kara continued to struggle withRead More →

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Supergirl this season. On one hand, I love how they’re tackling realistic politics in the Children of Liberty storyline. Not to mention the introduction of Nia Nal, who’s been a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, I hate the direction they’ve chosen to goRead More →

Supergirl returned with a midseason premiere that forever changed the course of the season. One decision — an unnecessary one, if you ask me — set an unexpected course for the backhalf of season four where once again Kara’s emotional strength will be tested. In “Suspicious Minds,” Colonel Haley setRead More →

Supergirl continues to, shockingly, have me completely enthralled this season. And it has nothing to do with romance (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and everything to do with how Supergirl’s reality is reflective of the reality we live in. Just like I’m so enraptured by the news andRead More →

“Heroes go out there even when they know something bad is going to happen,” James Olsen told Nia Nal. “That’s what makes them heroes.” If there was ever a quote to encapsulate everything that comes with Supergirl or any other superhero series, it’s that one. Somewhere in the middle ofRead More →

To say that Supergirl’s newest episode was difficult to watch would be selling it short. But that’s what happens when art imitates life so terrifyingly accurately that you feel it in your bones. You begin to wonder what’s the next horrific storyline we’ll see covered. Because that means that it’sRead More →

Supergirl got surprisingly real in its latest episode, “Fallout,” where the parallel between this fictional reality and our very real reality is getting eerily too close to home. And you know what, that’s exactly what we need right now. What we need are entertainment mediums – all mediums, really –Read More →

Supergirl’s season 4 premiere was good. But it wasn’t great. It wasn’t The Flash, which jumped out with a thrilling premiere that seemed to get back to the heart of the show: family. Supergirl’s season premiere wasn’t disappointing. It just wasn’t as impactful. There was a time when Mondays couldn’tRead More →

Supergirl’s season 2 finale left us heartbroken yet optimistic. But season 3’s finale left us feeling disappointed and not-so-optimistic after it failed to pay off key storylines as far as its central heroine was concerned. Mon-El and Winn’s departure left us scratching our heads and the show’s failure to deliverRead More →

Nothing’s perfect. No television show is perfect. To expect perfection would just be wrong, even if a show that delivered several amazing episodes in a row manages to deliver back-to-back lackluster episodes that just lacked the pacing of the others. Not that “Make It Reign” was bad. It’s just, quiteRead More →