'Chicago P.D.': The ABCs of Linstead

You don’t know chemistry and passion until you meet Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay, the dynamic duo that swooped in unexpectedly and has stolen our hearts forever.

Linstead have shown us that not only is it possible to have a healthy relationship on television, but that it’s also so much better than the constant will-they-won’t-they that a lot of shows tend to hover around for far too long. Not to mention Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer electrify as these characters with their emotional performances and natural chemistry.

While Halstead and Lindsay might currently be on a temporary break, there are so many reasons to celebrate this couple — reasons that prove why they’ll ultimately be reunited. Because true love is meant to be.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Linstead. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Always.

No matter what the circumstance, Halstead and Lindsay have proven that they’ll always have each other’s backs. More than that, they’ll always have each other. Even during times when they’ve taken a break on the romantic side of things. There’s always that feeling that these two will find each other again and make it work. Always.


B is for Backup.

Two people never made the phrase “that’s why you have backup” sound so damn swoon worthy. But Halstead and Lindsay have proven that while they sizzle in their personal lives, that when they’re working there’s nobody they trust more watching their backs than each other. They’ll always have each other’s backs.

C is for Chemistry.

The chemistry between Halstead and Lindsay speaks for itself. Give most of the credit to Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer, who from the start had this natural rapport that made you feel like they’d known each other for years. Every scene these two share is electric, whether it’s the sexy make out scenes or the moments where one look is all it takes to communicate. These two are the definition of chemistry.

D is for Driving.

If Linstead has a thing, that thing has to be driving. Since the pilot, Halstead and Lindsay have had a backstory when it comes to driving in their Intelligence car. Lindsay has always driven while Halstead has ridden shotgun. Even though he’s felt like a househusband, that’s how it’s always been. And we live for the little car digs that the show throws in – including the moment Lindsay finally let Halstead drive!

E is for Eyes.

A look is worth a thousand words. And given how many silent stares Halstead and Lindsay have shared, they’ve uttered hundreds of thousands of unspoken words. It takes a special kind of chemistry to convey intent and emotion through silent communication. But these two have always had that characteristic. One look says it all.

F is for Face.

A simple touch is enough to convey an array of emotions. Halstead and Lindsay are always reaching out to each other, especially holding each other’s faces when they need encouragement or when they’re intimate. Not to mention everything these two feel for each other is written all over their faces. Every. Single. Time.

G is for (Sun)Glasses

If Linstead ever need a second job they should totally be spokespeople for a brand of sunglasses – because there’s no duo that makes sunglasses look hotter or more badass than Halstead and Lindsay.

H is for Heartbreak.

While Linstead has brought us an array of happy moments, this couple is not without the heartbreaking moments that bring us to our knees. It hasn’t been an easy journey for Halstead and Lindsay – and it still isn’t. But even the heartbreaking moments remind us that these two are endgame.

I is for Intelligence.

How could Intelligence not be on this list?! This is, after all, the unit that brought Halstead and Lindsay together. They started as partners, became friends, and eventually intimate. Linstead are defined by Intelligence – and they are the most dynamic duo!

J is for Jealousy.

The cool thing about Linstead is that they aren’t the type to get seriously jealous. Sure, they kid around with this whole being jealous thing. But they’ve never been insecure about their relationship with each other to be the kind of people that get jealous. Doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the small moments where they tease each other about it.

K is for Kidding.

Halstead and Lindsay love to tease each other. They always have this sense of fun in their relationship. Let us remember the taser training, which was full of flirting and teasing that left us swooning.

L is for Love.

Despite everything these two have gone through – and continue to go through – there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, including their own, that they’re completely in love with each other. And they always take a moment to remind each other of this. Even when they take a break (like at present), it’s never because they don’t love each other. In fact, it’s because they love each other so much they don’t want to risk their relationship.

M is for Molly’s.

These two have shared many a special moment at Molly’s. From the first lingering stare to the first time they decided to go public as a couple, Molly’s has been a place where special moments have happened for Halstead and Lindsay.

N is for Natural.

There’s just an ease that comes with Halstead and Lindsay’s relationship. They’ve always been a pair that have come naturally – both on paper and chemistry wise. These two feel like real people that we’d come across in Chicago.

O is for OTP.

Linstead are the definition of an OTP. They’re two incredibly strong individuals that are even stronger together. They have the natural rapport, the agonizing heartbreak, the swoon worthy confessions of love, and enough sizzling chemistry to set us on fire.

P is for Partners.

At their core Halstead and Lindsay are partners. They were partners in Intelligence, and then became partners in life. It’s such a beautiful aspect of their relationship. And they show the importance and strength of that partnership in all aspects of life.

Q is for Quality.

If you’re looking for a quality ship, look no further than Linstead. These are two people that are far from perfect but have managed to find love with each other despite their rough lives. They’ve shown us what it means to be in a healthy relationship, and they’ll continue to do so.

R is for Respect.

Every solid relationship is built on a strong foundation of respect. And Linstead have had that respect from the beginning. Not only do they respect each other as individuals and the decisions they make, but they also respect the past experiences each have been through. They don’t hold each other’s pasts against each other. They love them even more for it.

S is for Safe.

One of the most important parts about being in a relationship is feeling safe with your partner. For Halstead and Lindsay, that goes both ways. Not only do they feel safe with each other as romantic partners, but out in the field there’s no one that makes them feel safest than with each other.

T is for Trust.

Trust. There’s nothing more important for a relationship. If you don’t trust the person you’re with, the relationship is doomed. But having a significant amount of trust is also something to be celebrated and cherished. That’s the kind of trust that Halstead and Lindsay have.

U is for Undercover.

Given Linstead’s work in Intelligence, we’ve been gifted with several – but never enough – undercover assignments where our leads usually pose as a couple. It’s everything. While you’d think Halstead and Lindsay making out as undercover – being together in real life – wouldn’t pack the feels, it most certainly did.

V is for Vicinity.

I don’t know if it’s scripted or planned, but Halstead and Lindsay usually maintain this close vicinity to each other when they’re on the job. It’s like they gravitate toward one another. It’s also incredibly painful to notice when there’s a noticeable distance between them – because as Halstead said, that’s not like them.

W is for Watchful.

It’s adorable and sexy how incredibly watchful Halstead and Lindsay are of each other. Their eyes always seem to follow each other. And when they’re in times of distress, they’re even more focused. They always watch out for each other.

X is for Xs & Os.

All. The. Kisses. And. All. The. Hugs. Seriously, there is so much sexual tension in a single hug than some couples experience with a kiss. So when you throw in steamy make out sessions, I swear these two are trying to burn our television screens down. But it’s not just the steamy kisses, it’s also the sweet pecks that just say, “I love you.”

Y is for Youthful.

Halstead and Lindsay are still relatively young, and it’s their youthfulness that really allows their relationship to flourish in the free moments. They can have fun. They can let loose. And they have so much more time in their lives to spend with each other.

Z is for Zany.

At their core, Halstead and Lindsay are two people that are just crazy. They love to live life, have fun, and make memories. They’re goofy. They’re hilarious. They’re brilliant.

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