‘The Walking Dead’: The ABCs of Gleggie

It’s hard to find the light in the midst of so much darkness, but The Walking Dead manages to give us this with Glenn and Maggie. Gleggie has been a staple couple on the show since season two and even though Glenn is no longer with us, his legacy lives on with Maggie.

Gleggie has shown us that love conquers all, even a zombie apocalypse. The very definition of star-crossed lovers over the course of seven seasons we’ve fallen head over heels in love with Gleggie. The only people that might ship these two harder than us are the actors behind the iconic duo: Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Gleggie. We could go on forever about our love for this couple because the letters in the alphabet are just the tip of the iceberg for our favorite The Walking Dead couple.

A is for Always

No matter where they go, Glenn and Maggie always find each other. Whether they’re separated by a herd of walkers or by The Governors attack on the prison, Gleggie always make there way back to each other and will always love each other.

B is for Building Something

One of the hardest things on The Walking Dead is to try to build something amidst all the chaos and heartbreak. When Abraham asked Glenn about their unborn child, Glenn said that him and Maggie are “trying to build something her and me.” It’s an important turning moment that shows that even in the darkness their is light.

C is for Condoms

The first real moment in their relationship, Maggie accompanies Glenn on a run to the pharmacy in season two. When Glenn finds a box of condoms, Maggie agrees to sleep with him. “We still have 11 condoms,” “You see 11 condoms, I see 11 minutes of my life I’m never getting back.” Adorable.

D is for Domesticated

By season 3, Maggie and Glenn became the adorable parents for Team Rick Grimes. Living in one of the prison outposts, they created their own little home. Then flash forward to Alexandria and they even had their own house. Gleggie became domesticated quickly and it’s perfect.

E is for Enid

Even though they’re expecting their own child, Glenn and Maggie had no problem adopting Enid as their own. Glenn helped Enid return to Alexandria when the herd of Walkers fast approached. And Enid has become a rock for Maggie in the wake of Glenn’s death. She’s going to make a great big sister.

F is for Family

Glenn, Maggie and the rest of Team Rick Grimes have created the very definition of a family. As they try to survive against walkers and some horrible humans, everyone has grown closer. As Maggie said in the season 6 finale, Glenn started this family when he saved Rick in season 1. Gleggie even started their own family with Enid and their unborn child. Family has always been number 1 for them starting with the Greene family.

G is for Green Balloons

Neon green balloons will forever be my favorite kind of balloon. After Glenn hid under the dumpster, he made every attempt to get back to Maggie and Alexandria. After finding Enid outside the walls, he had to get a signal to Maggie. With neon balloons flying high in the sky, Maggie knew Glenn was coming home.

H is for Hershel

Maggie’s father is a big part of the Gleggie love story. Maggie assured Hershel Glenn was a good guy when he arrived on the farm in season two. In one of the most iconic moments in The Walking Dead history, Hershel gave Glenn his father’s watch solidifying Glenn being part of the family. Now as we look ahead to Gleggie’s child, we’re betting on him being named Hershel like in the comics.

I is for I love you

Before they even formally said it to each other, it was pretty obvious from day one, Glenn and Maggie would spend each day loving each other. Gleggie have continuously said “I love you” reassuring us that love can be found even when yo aren’t looking for it.

J is for Justice

Gleggie is a power couple on The Walking Dead and they’re always fighting for justice, especially against The Governor and Negan. When held captive by The Governor in season 3, Glenn and Maggie didn’t rest until he was brought down. Now in the current season, Maggie continues Glenn’s fight for justice with Negan.

K is for Kindness

Two of the kindest souls on The Walking Dead, Gleggie constantly opens their arms for people in trouble. Whether it’s Maggie convincing Hershel to let Team Rick stay at the farm, Glenn helping Enid return home or Glenn saving Rick day one. Glenn has been the pinnacle of kindness in this world, always trying to see the best in people. Gleggie continues to pass on kindness to those around them.

L is for Lust

Before they officially became a couple, Glenn lusted after Maggie from the minute she swooped in and took Lori to an ailing Carl. The duo spent a good part of season two with lust in their eyes trying to figure out how to make a relationship work. It’s simply beautiful to watch Gleggie in the early stages of their relationship.

M is for “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

A sentence that will make me cry until my final days: “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Even after having his head smashed in with a baseball bat by Negan, Glenn was still selfless, only thinking about Maggie. With his last breathe Glenn assures Maggie that wherever they end up in this life or the next, they’ll find each other.

N is for Natural

From the minute they got together, Gleggie has been so natural. They fall into place and bring out the best in each other. It’s hard to imagine a time where they aren’t together because their relationship is natural and part of the very fabric of The Walking Dead.

O is for OTP

While there are numerous OTP’s on The Walking Dead, Gleggie is the original. We watched their love blossom on screen as they embarked on a life together. The very definition of a “one true pairing” there has never even been a THOUGHT of either Glenn or Maggie being with another person romantically. Gleggie is the forever OTP. Period.

P is for Photograph

One of the most important things for Glenn is the photograph he takes of Maggie. It’s the only photo he has of her and it becomes a special momento for him, especially when they get separated after the prison falls. Maggie eventually burns the photo saying he’ll never need it again because they will never lose each other.

Q is for Quintessential

Gleggie is the very definition of “quintessential.” They are the most perfect example of a couple, especially in The Walking Dead. There is never any doubt about them as a couple and although they’ve gone through some rough patches, they’ve never once broken up. They’re perfect to say the very least.

R is for Rhee

Not only is this Glenn’s last name, but signifies a major moment for Maggie. After Glenn’s death, Maggie moves to the hilltop and begins to take her place as leader. In an empowering moment, Maggie decides to go by “Maggie Rhee,” to honor Glenn and his legacy. It’s a sob worthy moment and further solidifies that Gleggie is forever.

S is for Sonogram

After being separated yet again, Gleggie finally gets to have a tender moment thinking about the future. At the Hilltop, Glenn and Maggie get a first glimpse at their child. The sonogram becomes important to not only them, but the entire group, as it represents hope and life. Little Greene Bean is too adorable!

T is for Trust

No matter what obstacle is placed in front of them, Glenn and Maggie always put all their trust in each other. They follow each other into battle without question because they trust one another 110%.

U is for “Us”

One of many iconic episode for Gleggie, 4×15 entitled “Us” has Glenn and Maggie reuniting following the prison attack. After never giving up on each other, Maggie shoots up a bunch of walkers and finds Glenn once again. It’s a momentous occasion for the couple and the survivors with them. Gleggie will literally move mountains to be together and this episode proves this.

V is for Valiant

Brave. Courageous. As a couple, Gleggie is the definition of “valiant.” Doing everything they can to assure a safe life for themselves and those around them, Glenn and Maggie have valiantly waged wars beside Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the rest of the gang. They stare fear right in the eyes and never waver. Valiant to say the least.

W is for Watch

Hershel gives Glenn his father’s pocket watch once he’s realized that Glenn is the man for Maggie. Since that season two moments, the watch has become a symbol of hope, strength and Glenn. Now in the wake of Glenn’s death, Maggie has passed the watch onto Enid. The watch signifies family and the ability to overcome even the toughest obstacles. Glenn’s legacy lives on through the watch.

X is for X’s & O’s

Even in the apocalypse, Gleggie finds time to give us some adorable hugs, kisses and everything beyond. Throwing in a steamy make out session from these two has never been a problem for The Walking Dead and we thank them every single day for it. I mean, just look how adorable these two puppies are.

Y is for Young love

While Gleggie is now the domesticated couple we’ve come to love, they did start out as the ultimate young love story. When these two met, they were still considered “children,” finding their way in this crazy apocalypse. Their young love has constantly been a source of happiness in this world and watching their relationship blossom just melts our hearts.

Z is for Zorro

How do you not fall in the love with a woman after she rides up like Zorro? From the moment Maggie Greene enters Glenn Rhee’s life, he’s a changed man. The very definition of “love at first sight.” If there could be heart eyes on Glenn, there would be. All I know is this chick rode out of nowhere like Zorro on a horse and took Lori.”

Have your own ABCs of Gleggie? Sound off in the comments!

The Walking Dead returns with brand-new episodes in Fall 2017 on AMC.

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