ABC’s of Ships: Nathan and Haley of ‘One Tree Hill’

The obsession with One Tree Hill will live forever and we have no qualms with it. The show is something that we miss. It wasn’t always “real” – but the first few seasons were gold and then there was a lag, but it returned to greatness.

It will always be one of the best shows ever. Nathan and Hayley James Scott will always be one of the greatest couple ever.

So lets break down the ABCS of the Naley.

A is for Always Making It Through

You thought your relationship had issues – Naley was up against the wall from the beginning. If you are a One Tree Hill fan, you know their relationship started as Nathan’s way to mess with his brother Lucas. But what the two didn’t expect was to actually fall in love. And they’ve made it through some really rough shit. Haley taking off to join another dude on tour, Nathan’s injuries, time apart, time together… these two showed us all that you can make it through, if you don’t set love aside and instead, embrace it as a way to guide you through the hurt and pain.

B is for Basketball

If you know One Tree Hill, you know that basketball is a big focal point. Nathan is a star, but he’s had his issues and injuries. But NO MATTER WHAT these two make it through. They support each other. Sure there are times where they push each other away, but no matter what, at the end of the day, they are there. And basketball remains to be a big part of their lives.

C is for Cuteness Overload

LOVE THESE TWO. They are absolutely adorable with each other. They know each other inside and out. They know what makes them happy. They know what makes them sad. Their love doesn’t alway have to be spoken. They are perfect.

D is for Daddy Gotta Go

Dan Scott is fucking nuts. That man has issues and has created a lot of issues for Naley. But Naley over came him. If there is one thing that Dan Scott has taught us, it’s that you not only marry a person, you marry their family. And that shit gets complicated.

E is for Everything You Want A Relationship To Be

Lord, if there is one thing that made us fall for One Tree Hill in a way no other show had made us fall for it – it was Naley. Their relationship evolution, the way it played out, but the way that they stuck together is one of the reasons that we fell so hard for this show. They are everything that you want a relationship to be – strong, vulnerable, and first.

F is for Friendship

No one ever said that having a relationship is easy. Building a relationship is hard work. But that’s okay, because if it means something you will put the work in. But part of what is the best thing about Naley’s relationship is that Naley was built on a friendship. The work is still there, but not only does their relationship evolve, their friendship evolves with it.

G is for Greatness

The greatness of Naley can not be denied. They have stuck by each others side, no matter what.

Now, I admit that there was a time where I was hoping that Lucas and Haley would end up together, but that quickly passed when I saw just how great Nathan could be.

He’s a good guy – we just had to break through that exterior, because he was raised by an asshole.

But he is a better man than his father. He knows what to do and even during the bad times, he will get through.

The greatness of how these two compliment each other can not be denied.

H is for Halo

We will just leave this right here…

I is for Infinite Love

Some loves are for a moment, some loves come in and out of our lives. But some loves are infinite. Naley’s love is infinite.

J is for Jamie Scott

One of the best parts of One Tree Hill’s later seasons is Jamie Scott. That kid could make anyone fall in love with him. But he’s also wise.

He’s the best parts of Nathan and Haley and makes the world a better place. He’s perfection.

He’s love. He’s laughter.

He’s Jamie Scott and we could all learn from him.

K is for Kisses

The thing about their kisses is it never felt like acting. It always felt like these two were really in love. Now, I will be the first to admit, I know that it’s acting. But the chemistry made me feel like I was watching intimate moments between people actually in love.

L is for Lucas

We know that Naley started because Nathan wanted to stick it to his brother Lucas. We know that Lucas is Haley’s best friend.

Lucas is an important part of their story.

M is for Music

Music is part of Haley. Nathan wanted her to keep growing in it. I love how these two are insistent that they keep at their goals and dreams. Getting married young doesn’t stop them from what they need to do.

Haley James Scott was meant for great things in music and Nathan knew it. So even though at one point music destroyed part of them, Nathan wouldn’t let her give it up.

That’s love.

N is for Nothing Is Perfect

We all have issues in relationships. Some people try and pass those things off as perfect. But that’s part of the beauty of Naley – we know that nothing is perfect. We loved that we got to see the ups and the downs. We got to see the ins and the outs. Nothing is perfect. Nothing was perfect. But they made it through.

O is for One Tree Hill

There are some places that you don’t have to go, but you know it feels like home. One Tree Hill feels like home all the time for us. It’s the place you go when you are happy. It’s the place you go when you are sad. It’s the place that you visit your friends. It’s the place where your friends become family.

There truly is only one Tree Hill.

P is for Pink Walls

Remember when Haley left Nathan to go on tour with The Wreckers and Chris Keller? That pink wall that Nathan started to paint at their apartment because Haley hates pink. I mean, I give it up to Nathan, because I would have punched a wall, but him – he painted it.

Great anger control.

Q is for Quality

Naley is a QUALITY ship. Don’t @ me. I will fight you on it.

R is for Rebellious

Nathan grew up under Dan Scott, so you know that he was under a certain amount of control. But he knew that there was a time to break free.

Their life isn’t easy, but these two will rebel against what the world thinks they need to be and they will be who they are.


S is for So Much Drama

Drama, Drama, Drama. That’s part of what made One Tree Hill AMAZING!

T is for Tutor Girl

Tutor Girl is what Haley was known as and it’s how they came together. You may remember that Nathan signed up for tutoring to get closer to Haley.

Tutor Girl is how Haley identified herself, because that’s what other people called her. BUT – she embraced it as a positive thing.

And we love her for it.

U is for Undying Devotion

The thing is that in love and in life – loyalty is a huge thing. Being loyal to those that are around you, being loyal to the people that you love is important. Naley has that loyalty – an undying devotion to each other no matter what the issue.

We can’t hate on that. Hell, we want that.

V is for Valued

Nathan and Haley value each other. No matter what the issue, they value each other. Sure, there have been times where they have been angry, where they have been a part, but at the end of the day – they value their love, their spirit, and their commitment to each other.

X is for X’s & O’s

The hugs. The kisses. Their relationship. They made it through. They are goals.

Y is for Youthful

Haley and Nathan got married young. They have grown together and they have made it through so much. But their love has remained as pure and innocent as when they were young.

They have never lost their youthfulness and that innocent, vulnerable love. It’s inspiring.

Z is for Zig Zag

The road to forever wasn’t easy. The zigged and zagged through many obstacles. But they made it.

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