‘One Tree Hill’ Rewatch Reminded Me Of The Magic Of The Show

When Netflix announced that they were removing One Tree Hill from it’s streaming service, not gonna lie – I cried. Why? Because for me One Tree Hill has always been a slice of home. It’s been there for the moments that I needed someone, it’s never abandoned me, it’s always been a piece of my heart.

So I sat down to do a rewatch. I spent a large percentage of September going home. Back to a place that is and always will be full of magic.

And I’m breaking down what magic I was reminded of watching one of the best TV shows of all time.

Naley Will Always Be OTP

We’re about Nathan and Haley. We love them. They are the kind of relationship that makes you believe in forever. They make you believe in love. At least they made us. Look, love is complicated and sometimes it’s a pain in the ass. It makes you feel alive and makes you feel strong. Sure, it makes you feel weak sometimes. But if we have learned anything from One Tree Hill, it’s the when you love someone, you will always find the way through and back into their arms.

Nathan and Haley were the original love, the deep love that we needed to see in our lives. The love that we needed to learn from. They are home.

So every time you start to doubt love in your life, every time you think that your heart can’t handle feeling – watch Nathan and Haley and know that you can go home again.

Friends Can Be Family

Family isn’t always blood. Family is sometimes the people that you meet, the people that fill your heart, the people that make you feel alive. Haley and Nathan, Lucas and Peyton, Quinn and Clay, Julian and Brooke, Alex, Skills, Mouth, Millie, and everyone else. They found each other and were able to work through everything. They were able to be there for each other. They have battled through everything – the good and the bad – but at the end of the day – they are family despite of everything. They are exactly who they need for each other.

Their bonds are some of the most precious and indestructible in the world.

Don’t take your friends for granted. They can and will change your life.

If You Think Your Family Is Fucked Up, One Of Theirs Is More

Let’s all admit it – we all have issues with our families. Nothing is always perfect. Sometimes I think that my family is insane. But my Dad wasn’t Dan Scott, so that’s already a plus he has going for him. Family can be overwhelming and family can be too much, but hey – that’s why you can make your own.

Dreams Can Come True

There are good times and bad times in life. We all have dreams, we all have things that we want to accomplish. Sometimes we dream big, sometimes we dream small. But we need to dream. If there is anything we learned from Peyton leaving LA to start her own label, Brooke’s up and downs with fashion, Haley’s music career – we’ve seen them all go through so much, but what we can learn is that even when the dreams become to much and they are taken away you can rebound. You can do anything that you set your mind to. There is no fault in following your dreams. There is only honor in it.

Dreams can come true and there is honor in chasing them.

What You Do Matters

Who would have thought that Dan Scott would be the one to come through with the wisdom, but he did. You can search your whole life and look for answers. You can wonder if what you are doing is right. You can be overwhelmed with the good and bad of life and think that no one notices. But know – what you do matters. The choices that you make matter.

There Is Only One One Tree Hill

It’s a magical place and that magic fills us every time we watch it.

One Tree Hill leaves Netflix as of October 1st.

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