5 Years and 5 Fandoms We’ve Pissed Off

When we look back on the past 5 years, it’s been one hell of a ride. Some of that has been because of the fandoms that haven’t liked what we’ve had to say. But we’re always going to be honest with our opinions. We are always going to say what’s on our mind.

So we thought we’d break down the fandoms we’ve pissed off the most.

The Anti-Karamel’s

This isn’t even the whole fandom, it’s just the part of the fandom that virulently hates Mon-El and considers every favorable opinion of him to be …well, wrong would be the easy word, but really, they consider us to be way more than wrong. We’re just not going to repeat the many things we get called every time we post a Supergirl-related article.

What have we done to deserve this one? Well, having an opinion and sticking to it, mostly. We’ve yet to call Mon-El perfect, but we enjoy his character, enjoy his journey and think that he and Kara make a good couple – and that they make each other better. And you don’t have to agree with us, you really don’t. We’ll just be happy right here, enjoying what we enjoy.

Once Upon A Time

Probably our fandom with the biggest subfandoms of people who hate us. Rumbelle shippers would go first on the list, probably because we’ve never had any qualms about calling that relationship a hot damn mess. They even made a trend once to ‘spite us.’ How cute.

Then there’s the people who hate Hook and call his relationship with Emma toxic and abusive and go on about how she should have ended up with Regina who is absolutely a saint, never did anything wrong to Emma in her entire life and proved again and again that she really and truly cared for Emma.

Oh, wait …that’s not what happened? Considering the hate we got, you would have thought it had.

But, that’s not all – there’s also Rumple fans in general, Neal fans in general (bless all three of you) and even people who were mad we weren’t praising the show all the time. I guess what they say is right – you can’t please everyone.


Ah, Arrow. At first it was just the anti-Olicity people that hated us, because, well…I guess because they’re anti- Olicity and we’ve got eyes and can recognize a good couple (and a great character) when we see one. It wasn’t even that we were saying anything bad about any other character, in this fandom you get hate just for GOING AGAINST COMIC CANON OMG (even if the show does it too).

But then, Arrow started going downhill and we started getting hate for new and exciting reasons – like the fact that we were calling out the show for, well, sucking. Apparently, when you like something, you have to stick with it, even if it sucks. YOU HAVE TO BE POSITIVE. Otherwise the fandom police will come and get you.

Or something.


When we heard about the TV adaptation of Cassie Clare’s series, The Mortal Instruments, well the excitement was real. That lasted until Ed Decter decided to make is a clusterfuck of plot holes and issues. We’ve been really vocal that we love the books, but we haven’t appreciated the adaptation.

Shadowhunters fans – well some of them, have been too much to handle. They have sent death threats, harassed us, and well, lets just say that the fandom police came out in crazed form.

But we still believe that the show deserves better writing. Sure, it’s gotten a little better, but it could have been great. We’ve always been honest and will continue to be.

When we look back over the past 5 years, the Shadowhunters fandom has been one of the loudest and more vicious.

Every Ship Lover Whose Ship Didn’t Make Our Best of List

So many ships, so little time. Making the lists of favorites is never easy and we have to narrow things down. But fandoms are passionate and we can respect that. YES – we can’t make everyone happy. We get that. But hey, this is one we respect people being angry about.

You don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you.

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