In my life I have read a variety of fan fiction stories. Some stories have been so good that I wish the authors could write for the show. Currently, I’m loving Asher and Olivia from The CW’s All American. While the following is small, this couple has a dedicated followingRead More →

If you are like us, fandom is a big part of your life. It’s a complicated beast, because even though you are a part of fandom – there is no one side to fandom. Studios once utilized fandom on a different level. They have become somewhat complacent with marketing andRead More →

Every once in a while I find myself writing things that I feel are self-explanatory. Of course, shipper does not equal bad fan. Of course shippers have as much of a right to enjoy what they enjoy as people who don’t like any ships, people who enjoy just the history/action/bromanceRead More →

Fandoms are special. Ignore all the teeny bopper fangirls who care only about how hot the celebrity is. Ignore those fangirls who like to hate on other fangirls who don’t share their love for the same ship.  And you’ll find yourself completely immersed in a world where it’s ok toRead More →

I love fandom. I love having a place to connect with other people who love what I love. There is just something about joining a community of people, all of whom are invested in the same thing you’re invested in – and who won’t judge you for investing in it.Read More →

For the purposes of this editorial I want to make clear the act of not giving a fuck versus apathy. Apathy is total disinterest, defined by a lack of enthusiasm or concern. When you’re apathetic about something you don’t care. It is the true opposite of love, because hate isRead More →

Despite everything I have criticized about fandoms, the fact is that they are still those places, they are still comfort spots for the most of us. We can come to fandom spaces at the end of the day and be assured that we will find something that suits us, weRead More →

Last week, I was told that I was reducing serious problems to shipper noise, so this week I’m back to address the real problems. (Which I was going to do anyway, but whatever.) I stand by my earlier statement: it isn’t that there is no problematic behavior in fandom spaces,Read More →

One of the most important lessons I learned in four years of creative writing was this: you have no control over how people will interpret your work. Writers are the first step in most projects. In plays, we write a script, and once it’s done, we send it to aRead More →

We do what we do because we love fandom. Being a fangirl (or fanboy) is an expression of adoration and love for something within entertainment, whether it be film, tv, gaming, books, or basically anything that brings us joy and can draw together a collective of individuals based on thatRead More →

When we look back on the past 5 years, it’s been one hell of a ride. Some of that has been because of the fandoms that haven’t liked what we’ve had to say. But we’re always going to be honest with our opinions. We are always going to say what’sRead More →

The landscape of fantasy, science fiction and fandom is rapidly changing. No longer is being a nerd a negative, and love of such genres considered uncool. Geek is the new black, and with events such as San Diego Comic Con and Fanexpo taking nerdom to new levels each year, moreRead More →

Like all good things, Fanexpo 2017 in Toronto must end. After 4 days of endless celebrities, panels, costumes, shops and more, the cities biggest collection of all things fandom closes its doors on 2017, and sends fans home with purchases, stories and memories until the next year. For Fangirlish, theRead More →

In recent conversations, I’ve found myself defending how important fanfiction is to the fandom experience, and why I find myself on Archive of Our Own at four in the morning. The thing with fanfiction is that if you don’t know the experience, no amount of justifying, describing or arguing canRead More →