Life Lessons From Trailers: ‘Home Again’ Edition

We’re obsessed with Home Again. Lord, we’ve missed the romantic comedy and no one does it better than Reese Witherspoon. Well and Nancy Meyers (who produced the film). This isn’t your typical romantic comedy, but if I was to explain why, I’d have to give away the plot.

And we think that is one of the things that you should figure out on your own when you go and see the movie this week in theaters.

This marks the return of Life Lessons from trailer and what better to start with than Home Again. It’s the romantic comedy of the year. If you see one movie – this should be it.

But here’s what we learned from the trailer….

Kids Learn From Everything

Zoloft commercial? Ha. Can’t debate that one though. I learned what erectile dysfunction was the same way. Kids are sponges. They pick up on everything.

Birthdays Are A Time To Let Loose

Lord knows we all work hard, everyday, all day. It’s what we do. That’s how we survive. But once a year, we all get another older and we have a choice. We can look at it one of two ways. We can wallow that we are getting older or we can embrace everything that we’ve accomplished. Lord knows that I would rather embrace the night, before I have to struggle for another year. Let loose. Live life to the fullest.

Don’t exist. Live.

Dimples Are Dangerous

Look, I will be the first to admit, if you flash some six pack abs in front of me, I will admit that nine times out of ten, you will see me drool. But Lord above help me, because seeing Pico Alexander’s dimples makes me a little weak in the knees. I totally get why it is that Reese Witherspoon’s character, Alice, wants to take him home. I would.

Decisions Aren’t Easy, But You’ll Always Make Them

I know that in life, I have regretted quite a few decisions that I have made. But they were the right decision for the time. But it’s true, decisions that you make when you are 25 may not be the decisions that you want to make when you are 40. But embrace them, because you made them for a reason.

Embrace Your Inner Cougar

Lets preface this with everyone must be legal.

But when you’re 40 and there is a 28 year old hot guy that finds you beautiful – fuck it. Embrace that shit. Just because you are older doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve love, lust, and quite frankly a good tossing. No one says that you need to be together forever.

Be together for as long as you want to be. LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Moving On Isn’t Easy

No one says that life is easy. No one says it’s hard. But when you make the choice to move on, when you make the choice to make changes, be prepared. That shit is hard. But you’re strong. You are able to be the most amazing version of you. Everything happens for a reason.

And the great thing is – you can go home again.

Home Again hits theaters September 8th.

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