We love a fairy tale. Who can blame us? One of our favorites, The Little Mermaid. Now we know that there is the animated version, but we’re partial to staring at William Moseley on the screen. We need a fix until The Royals returns. In the adaptation, which is looselyRead More →


We’re obsessed with Home Again. Lord, we’ve missed the romantic comedy and no one does it better than Reese Witherspoon. Well and Nancy Meyers (who produced the film). This isn’t your typical romantic comedy, but if I was to explain why, I’d have to give away the plot. And weRead More →

We aren’t surprised that any Amy Schumer movie is one our list of movies that we can’t wait to see. Team Amy Schumer with Goldie Hawn and yes – it’s like take all my money. Cause it just seems like comedy genius. We’ve always loved the Taken movies – causeRead More →

  The Forest tells the story of a young woman named Sara (Natalie Dormer) who ventures into uncharted territory in the search for her twin sister. What she doesn’t know is the ‘suicide forest’ is filled with angry spirits that haven’t settled. First they took her sister, now she mightRead More →