Life Lessons From Trailers: ‘Rebel in the Rye’ Edition

There are many things that we think of when we talk about J.D. Salinger – books that we once felt like we were tortured to read. Books that we now appreciate so very much.

Books that have changed our lives.

We’re looking forward to Rebel in the Rye which is released today. Hey, we love Nicholas Hoult. Have for years. True story when we first met him on the set of Warm Bodies, we asked for him to sign a book. The publicist said he had to get back to set and he looked at us and said, “I think I have the time for fans and can sign some books.”

And four months later, he still remembered us. That’s why we will always be devoted fans – because he doesn’t forget the people who support and care about him. Not to mention his fierce talent.

We’ll be at the theaters this weekend to see Rebel in the Rye, but for now, lets break down the lessons we learned from the trailer.

People Will Always Judge You

The thing in life is that people are always going to have an opinion. People are always going to think that they know best. But it’s up to you on how you take it. You can let it knock you down or you can let it build you up. But no matter what you do, stay true to yourself.

Devote Yourself To Your Passions

We are all put on this earth for a reason. People may not understand your reasons, but it’s not always for them to understand. It’s for you to figure out. Find your passion. Live your life and your passions. Don’t allow the world to make you stray away from your passions. You deserve better.

It Is What You Love That Keeps You Living

When you find the things that you love, you deserve to be able to stick with those things. So often in life, we spend so much time doing what other people think that we should do, but we forget about what we want. If you find the things that you love in life, keep at it. Don’t let the world take that away from you. It’s what you love, it’s who you love that keeps you living.

Everything Is Inspiration

Life is a constant evolution of moments. It’s a bunch of things that can push us forward or keep us stuck. But use every moment as something to inspire you. Personally, I love to write and I use everything as inspiration. The pain, the happiness, the heartache, the laughter – everything is inspiration. Everything is fair game.

You Never Know Everyones Story & What They’ve Been Through

It’s really easy to pass judgement. We’ve all been there, those moments where we just think someone is being crazy or unreasonable. But we never know someone else’s story. We don’t know all they have gone through. But we shouldn’t judge people. If we judge people we are short changing people. Everyone has a story. You wouldn’t want people to judge you without knowing yours. Don’t do it to them. KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING IS FREE.

Rebel in the Rye hits theaters this Friday. 

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