Life Lessons From Trailers: ‘The Little Mermaid Edition’

We love a fairy tale. Who can blame us? One of our favorites, The Little Mermaid. Now we know that there is the animated version, but we’re partial to staring at William Moseley on the screen.

We need a fix until The Royals returns.

In the adaptation, which is loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson classic, stars Moseley as a reporter, who along with his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real little mermaid.

Lets break down the life lessons we learned from the trailer.

We All Just Need Something To Believe In

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to find something to believe in. It’s hard to know that there is something more out there, that dreams aren’t just dreams and that there can be more in life. Sometimes we need more but all of the time we need to believe in something. Most often ourselves, but even then sometimes it takes believing in something else to find out way.

There Is A Story In Everything

Around us there is always a million things around us. What we don’t always realize that everyone is a way, a certain way, because things have happened in life. We have to be less quick to judge and more quick to see that there is a story in everything, that we need to stop judging and take the time to learn from every moment.

You Can’t Live Without Your Soul

Your soul is like your heart – it’s a part of who you are. There are times where life gets tough or where we want something more, but you can’t sell your soul. You need to work hard for everything, for every step. That doesn’t involve selling your soul.”>

There Is Magic Everywhere

We may not always see it. Hell, we may not always understand it – but magic is everywhere. It’s in the little things we do. The big things that we see. We just have to be open to it.

Love Is One Of The Strongest Feelings In The World

There are things that we understand in life and things that we don’t. One of the things we may have a hard time understanding is this thing called love. It’s a strong feeling, an overwhelming one. One that will drive us to be better or worse than we are. But it will drive us to something, but we need to fight for the ones that we love.

Fairytales Are Rooted In Some Reality

We all know that in life, stories are inspired from something. Fairy tales – the princes, the knights, the rescuing – they started somewhere. Maybe it wasn’t a prince – maybe he was just “joe schmo” but to someone he was a prince. Point is – fairy tales are attainable.


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