4 Life Lessons We Learned from ‘The Forest’ Trailer


The Forest tells the story of a young woman named Sara (Natalie Dormer) who ventures into uncharted territory in the search for her twin sister. What she doesn’t know is the ‘suicide forest’ is filled with angry spirits that haven’t settled. First they took her sister, now she might be next.

Let’s talk about the life lessons this spooky horror film taught us!


[lead]You’d Do Anything for Family[/lead]

Having a twin is a bond like no other. It’s the deepest form of family because you shared a womb together, grew together, changed together. So when your twin sister goes missing you know the next logical step is to get your butt on a plane and Liam Neeson this situation!



[lead]Always Have a Guide[/lead]

GPS on satellite view can only get you so far. When treading through dangerous and unknown territory please hire a guide. It will save you time and possibly save your life (especially from that creeper with the mask tailing you.)



[lead]Stay On the Path[/lead]

It’s there for a reason, to be followed. Heed the warnings and stay on the path already safely travelled by others till the end. Sure the uncharted path might be more fun and engaging (all the other movies make it look so fun) but you want to survive right? Yes, I thought so.



[lead]It’s Not Real, Until It Is[/lead]

Sometimes we see things that catch our eye, draw us near, and make us wonder, “Is this real?” I’m all for the ignore, ignore, ignore game until the neighbors think I’m crazy because I’m mouthing it every couple minutes. It stops being a hallucination though when you feel its fingers dig into shoulders and drag you to your watery grave! Then it’s something else. Something you should fight with all your heart because your sister is out there.


You must find her.


The Forest hits theaters January 8, 2016. (That’s this Friday!)

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