‘Shadowhunters’ Review: The Pilot Shows Potential, But Lacks Heart

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  1. Ron says:

    But in the first book Clary was weak and whiny and Isabelle was the one that had many people wanting to date her, all of that changed when we started to know each character better. It didnt happen in one chapter of the books. It happened in many many chapters.
    I havent read a good review yet, all points to the same.
    It’s weak. Many applaud Emraude performance but hate Kat’s some say the male cast is good but lack something.
    Another thing is that you cant put on the huge speeches the book has, they sometimes dont work for tv.
    I do hope the show gets decent numbers at least o have a second season. I’m praying that teh deal with Netflix will at least secure another one.

  2. Paola says:

    The thing is that the characters grow in the books and us people who read them have that image of them but being realistic Clary in the first book was whiny and weak and the story happened around her and with a reason she is just being thrown into this world with little to no warning HOW COULD YOU BE NOT WHINY? The thing that made me mad in the books was how long it took Cassandra to make her train. Isabelle is a very confident woman she dresses however she wants and she likes attention and gets attention and honestly I like that about her I like having a character that can do whatever she wants with her own being and treating this as if it is wrong is kinda rude. Alec on the other hand is the oposite he lacks confidence plus he is an older brother who is worried for his sister, I bet my sister wouldn’t like if I was like Izzy until they grew up and got that this is who I want to be it’s just brother-sister stuff. Also you can’t pretend that dialogue from the books will be there all the time and it often does not translate well, things that sound great on books sound cheese in films and on tv. Besides that it is a pilot writers are starting, actors are starting, etc everyone is taking their very first steps and what happens when you are learning to walk you stumbble, you fall, but with the time you get better at it and then it becomes natural

  3. Stena WinZaw says:

    How is it suppose to show a coming of age story when it’s just the pilot? Let’s wait for the other episodes. I’m pretty sure clary will start to grow.

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